Black hair salon in Second Life: Get ya hair did

Don’t know what Second Life is? It’s one of the hottest virtual reality communities around and it’s taking the net by storm. One of the best features of this new world is that you can make money. You can own a shop, sell clothes, even hair styles.  Adimu knows that as sistas and brothers create their SL identity they want it to reflect their unique blackness as well. Linden betta work!!! I can’t wait until there is a “Golden Scissors” style hairshow! adimu

I love it. Black people are connected and defined by their hair. It’s in the DNA. We celebrate it and hate it. We have our favorite combs. We spend a lot to have the do of the moment. I think this is a great venture…I’m sure they’ll get lots of business.  Oh, and tell Rubi I said, “you betta work!” that hair.


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4 responses to “Black hair salon in Second Life: Get ya hair did

  1. Rubi

    thanx for link! 😀

  2. Check out Street Dermatology on XStreet SL, and coming soon in world.

    Specializes in Skin tones from Congo to RedBone to Fair. So every lady, especially those of color, will be able to find the special caramel or chocolate tone for them.

    If you are looking for hair styles click my link and demo the Classic Cornrows. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a nice, clean, braided style.

    With Gratitude,
    Akila Rondelstein

  3. black hair luk so kool, i am gonna get them soon


    Thats the new link to Street Dermatology’s Headquarters in world. I got several of the new styles from there and a new habit of buying them off the designer before they are even released LOL

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