The whole mess is a hot ghetto mess

I don’t know why anyone is surprised that BET is going to do a HOT GHETTO MESS program?  Sure, have a problem with the content of the show, but BET has no problem showing black people “at their most vulnerable” = “at their worst”.  The exploitation of poor blacks is the bedrock of this network.  From video, to television shows (which I remember largely being reruns like Sanford and Son), to ringtones…when has BET been the protector and edifier of black america and it’s public persona?  Doesn’t Viacom own the network now…basically.  Corporations aren’t black or white, they are green.  All of the new shows…College Hill, Baldwin Hills, Hell Date….advertising dollars.  Reality TV is big business…black people watch this mess…ask Flavor Flav.  In the end, who should be suprised that a network that did away with it’s News department and not longer shows real news is doing such a show.

To me it’s a ghetto assumption that they wouldn’t see $$$$$.  It’s the whole GP argument…like they should know better or something like that.  lol  They know that you Negros will watch it anyway for the most part and sit at the barbershops and beauty salons and talk about how ghetto it all is.

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