Thoughts on BoHo Negros in Washington DC

  • You are the reason why there is a poetry cipher every night on U street, and it’s just the same people on the mic all week. If you love spoken word so much, get up there and entertain me! Also, if you don’t know who Sonya Sanchez, Rita Dove, and Imamu Amiri Baraka are, you’re not really going to enjoy the experience of poetry like you should.  History brings perspective.
  • Flip Flops do not go with everything. Sometime heels are more flattering ladies. Flip flops can make you waddle.
  • Revolution is not about fucking.  Fucking can be revolutionary…yes, I’m familiar.  However, if you are just meeting people and fucking for leisure, recreation, or fun…that’s too typical for you to consider yourself a deep, spiritual, really boho negro.  At least call the person the next day or try being their friend so that you can seem to have love and peace in your spirit.  It’s not zen to talk about how all the “niggas” that you are sleeping with ain’t shit.  You’re sleeping with them…and you already know…so how does that define you.
  • Take out the perm.  You can’t truly be a boho chick with a perm.  You might be able to be a boho man with a perm…but that’s a trick left for artists and singers.  Think Supa Fly and then add the hair being in a cornrow style most of the time.  Natural hair is on the standard uniform list, read your manual.
  • Locs are not an excuse for you not to maintain your hair.  Go to a loctician and get a regimen (unless you are Rasta…in that case Jah bless yah mess)
  • Know the Negro National Anthem.  I see you bamma ass, fake Bohos, murmuring at black history month events with your fist in the air.  Sad!
  • Stop eating pork.  It’s not cute when muslim brothers come and bust you out and try to school you (3 months fresh out of the penitentiary).  Don’t get mad, he knows, he’s been studying…you’ve been chillin.
  • Have the correct music collection including artists like (but not limited to; Common, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Coletrain, Tribe called Quest, De La Soul, Floetry, Earth, Wind, and Fire…etc.  No chopped and screwed, maybe a lil “white” techno, lounge type music.

I see ya’ll all the time and I’m quite tired of you looking all confused at Mocha Hut, Bar Nun, Nema, and in Adams Morgan.  Just stay out of Adams Morgan…white folks just taking over like roaches.  I know you think you can do Love and Bohemian Caverns…no honey, it doesn’t work like that.  2 different palettes…you’ll get sick to your stomach.

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