WTF – Buckwild plays “Know the Negro”

Potential negro #1, potential negro #2…this sounds too much like an auction for me. This dating game should have been put on hold and she should have walked.

This “woman’s” ghetto pass is officially revoked. Do not pass go, no $200, and no more black dick. Becky aka Buckwild from Flavor of Love and Charm School, is done. Simply. How are you going to smile all in Mo’Nique’s face and act like you love us…yet you’d participate in something like this. Like Cindy said, “I see your true colors shining through”, but hoe…I don’t have any love for you! She couldn’t see that this was crazy?

To the white folks over at the Cowhead Show on 102.5, I hope that you hear from a lot of out raged “negroes” really soon.  This is some bullshit…I don’t even have words right now.  And for the “negroes” who participated…you guys need your passes checked and possibly some re-education.

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