oh oh, jah rule is back?

Hip hop is a hell of a drug I guess.  If he is going to come…I guess it’s smart to hitch your wagon to Lil Wayne.  At least he’s not singing on this new song.  Sounds a lil too “Busta Rhymes” to me.  I think Busta would have killed this track.  Supreme Team on their shirts in the video after you testify…interesting Irv, interesting.  Actually, I like Weezy on this track better than him.  But, I’m no hip hop expert, not at all.
Who did the track I wonder?

I can knock anyone’s hustle.  Just don’t start any more rivalry that could end up in “Mur-dah”…as Jah would say.  lol  Shelltops, 2 turntables, and a microphone…get back to the basics and make good music…music that honors the origins of hip hop…and you are ok with me.

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