Late Althea Gibson Honored

NEW YORK (AP) Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Aretha Franklin, Carol Moseley Braun and other pioneering black women will come together on the U.S. Open’s opening night to celebrate the legacy of late tennis star Althea Gibson. The U.S. Tennis Association is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gibson’s historic title at the U.S. National Championships. In 1957, she became the first black tennis player, male or female, to win the tournament, which became the Open.


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2 responses to “Late Althea Gibson Honored

  1. Phyllis

    Althea Gibson was the greatest example of what an athlete can be as a positive role model. It was wonderful to see that she has not been forgotten because often times we (black folk) forget to remember those who paved the way for many of us to do the things that we do now. The times are reflective of what is happening right now, the Jena 6 etc. We need to wake up and become aware of the surrounding efforts to send the clock back to the turbulent sixties. We don’t want that to happen because now we know that the revolution will not be televised and it will not be like it was before. People wake UP!!!!!

  2. Rae

    It is a great thing to see attention given to Black Athletes and every person of color in a positive way. I would like to see it in a television production, maybe a movie so more people of all colors can be exposed to her greatness, be appreciative and be more accepting of our successes as an ordinary people and not just as “Black” people.

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