Dunbar Village Gang Rape – Black on Black crime ignored by the media and black leaders

After learning of the Jena 6 I was feeling a lot of things…outrage, disappointment, amazement. I’ve been reading as much as possible about the case, most information is online…I haven’t seen any TV news coverage, there’s been some print. However, my feelings about that case now have been trumped by the disgust regarding the Dunbar Village Gang Rape in West Palm Beach, FL.  I know I’m late writing about this crime, but better late then never.   The Washington Post did a piece on Aug 17, so that was a candle in the dark (I’m in DC so I looked there first).  Other papers are just stepping up, local TV in Florida.   What About Our Daughters has taken the lead on exposing and holding the media accountable on – Click here for their coverage.

Here are the basics of the story from Black America Web:

“The incident occurred at a public housing project called Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, Florida.“After dark on June 18, the police say, as many as 10 armed assailants repeatedly raped a Haitian immigrant in her apartment complex at Dunbar Village … They took cell phone pictures of their acts. They burned the woman’s skin and (her 12-year-old son’s) eyes with cleaning fluid, forced them to lie naked together in the bathtub, hit them with a broom and a gun and threatened to set them on fire.”

As despicable as that sounds, it wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it was when these vermin, according to Times writer Amy Goodnough, “forc(ed) (the woman) to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son.”

If you’re wondering why the traditional gaggle of black misleaders didn’t dash before the nearest television cameras to condemn what might well hold up as the worst black-on-black crime of the decade, don’t bother. You already know the answer.”

Here is some additional information:

The video below talks about the rape, and notes that 2 other women (a teen and a 42 year old woman) were also raped in the Dunbar Village Housing Project with in a month’s time. Please do what you can…the video lists contact numbers for West Palm Beach officials and leadership.


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7 responses to “Dunbar Village Gang Rape – Black on Black crime ignored by the media and black leaders

  1. Mona

    Jesus, what the hell is happening to this world, when kids have no conscience and can commit such evil, barbaric, unthinkable acts upon fellow human beings.

    There is only one way for these evil boys and that is for them to be removed from society for good. Never have I heard of such a wicked sickening crime and hope I never will again.

    When I first heard of this ghetto project and saw photos, it reminded me of a zoo. How can the US government allow it’s citizens to live in such environments, it’s no wonder that some of them are so inhumane.

    I live in the UK and yes we have some rough council estates, but nothing like this. It’s shocking. My heart goes out to the victim and her son, I only hope that time will heal and this will not have a lasting affect on the boy.

  2. Indikabelle

    Sak Pase? Greetings:

    Much respect for your courage in blogging/posting about this incident. You know, I just found out about it via NPR on the net (4/9/08). Fari Chedeya covered the outraged on the bloggersphere against Al Sharpton “standing up” for these kkkriminals (yes, there were black and bi-racial ku klux klans) and their hateful crimes against this poor Haitian immigrant woman and her son. The thing is that Genarlo Wilson had consensual sex with another teenager albeit who was a couple of years younger and of course White (which is probably why he was locked up) and this situation was totally different.
    These youngsters, rapists planned this. I blame it on anti-Haitian immigrant sentiments which have existed in these African American and non-Haitian black communities where most Haitians immigrants end up for decades. I remember these anti-Haitian (shun) sentiments in New York where they had Haitian raid days on certain school days. We couldn’t get on the bus hang out in the neighborhood or block. And apparently it was just as bad in Miami and continues to be. It was awful and so I left as soon as I could after High School. Still, I continued to encounter the prevalent anti-haitian dogma around various states even in California and when I went to Europe and Africa. This phenomena is akin to the anti-Tutsi problem it began in slavery. When Haitian slaves rose up and fought back white oppression and won the white world went on a campaign to brand us as savages who don’t deserve to breathe. Meanwhile they raped and maimed and committed all kinds of atrocities against the indigenous people (Tainos and Arawaks) as well as the Africans and their descendants. The average life span of an African slave was 7 years from the time they got off the ship. Now, these slaves were forced to work 18 hour days and produced only for the benefit of the European colonials. And of course let’s not forget the US occupation that lasted from 1915-1939 and how it destroyed our infrastructure, our people and buried our self determination.
    The fact is that we are blamed for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and after 9/11/01 when the banner of Americanism was raised the folks on the bottom least close to the red white and blue and the 50 (51) stars were bound to get axed. I remember the resentment and the constant abused and physical threats and verbal put down outside in Miami and throughout South Florida. I was routinely leered at threateningly by African American, Haitian and Brown Hispanic men. My children were threatened and shots were fired against us. Our apartment was broken into. We were so harassed, I became affraid and left (thank goodness because I felt that our lives was at risk).
    This rape occurred in the context of anti-Haitian campaign, crumbling of human rights in Florida and especially in South Florida. Remember the Haitian vote in West Palm Beach and Dade County were the disenfranchised ones that led to the supreme court appointing and selecting GW for president. Even the white minority democrats don’t like the Haitians-they’re too poor, too black and irrelevant. They are routinely abused and discriminated against in all facets of life.
    My concern was that Al Sharpton had the nerve to try and link this to some kind of anti-black problem because these kkkriminals who have probably done this in some way before to some other Haitian or Haitians are being charged as rapists. How dare he?! They should be locked up for life and never let out. I have no sympathy for them. I remember these kkkriminals in South Florida, they are like the KKKlan no heart and they are not redeemable at all! These are the worse Hutus and the Haitians are Tutsies. The shit was hyped up by the anti-Haitian brigade on the radio and tv through the media. And Sharpton and Jackson and all the other misleaders who are self appointed never came to West Palm Beach to protest the theft of the 2k selections or to investigate the conditions that allowed this to happen in the first place.
    I am glad that this case got news coverage but I am sure that it is not the only such case nor is it the last. All black women should take heed and watch out. And Haitians should start to organize against these attacks from even within their own communities. Oh, yeah, where’s all the Haitian radicals on this-silent, too scared to lose the crumbs that the African Americans and their friends throw out to them on occasions.

  3. sxm1985

    To Indikabelle,

    I totally agree with you? The haitian has suffered and will continue to suffer from their courage eagainst the european supremacist. Even in the caribbean islands Haitian have suffered anti haitian immgrant mouvement.
    All I could say is courage

  4. Aldin Doughtery

    I’ve been following this case and when you mention above about ‘knowing’ why the black leaders didn’t all convene on this, can you please email what your thoughts are.

    I was outraged that this didn’t make the national media and that Jackson and Sharpton weren’t on the first plane down to Florida.

    Hit me up and let me know what you think.


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  6. Michael Bush

    Thank you for reporting this crime. I admit I had no idea it even happened. I don’t understand how those men could be so evil. They are simply ruled by the devil. I believe there are real problems stemming form fatherless families in the projects and inner-cities. Ignoring the problem is not going to help make it better. Are there any real leaders in the black community who will step up face problems head-on? I wonder. So many lives being wasted. I’m depressed now. All I can do is pray. Thanks for reading.

  7. Mimi

    This is typical Black Southern hatred for any black person that is not a black american. The funny thing is, these “niggers” as they call themselves, will lick a racist white person’s shoe before they will show any humanity to a black person of Caribbean descent, or any other black for that matter.
    If you are not low life, low down, low end filth, they hate you. If you don’t go to a BS church where the minister is sleeping with every woman in the church and people are not falling out on the floor screaming and foaming at the mouth, they hate you. If you do not have sex by the time you are 12, if you know who your father is, if you won’t take $50 to destroy your neighborhood with drugs and gan violence, they hate you. They hate black skin more than the KKK.

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