Wake up SAVED, Christian Negroes

I just need to express a couple of changes that I would like the whole of Christian “Negrodom” to consider in light of recent events. Those events being:

1. Major ministers and preachers having issues…Juanita Bynum, Paula White, etc.

2. Mega Church madness and Pulpit Pimpin’

3. Crimes being perpetrated by black youth (Dunbar Village) and against black youth (Jena 6)

4. Media portrayls of blacks (notably women), with an emphasis on the music industry and hip hop (or so called hip hop, because some of this music is just mess)

Stop letting these fake men and women of God run your life…think for yourself. Various preachers have “fallen from grace” recently, and all I hear is black people trying to defend them like they are defending the faith. Devotees are defending pimps who ask for huge offerings as a sign that the members of the church “believe”. Those same members don’t understand that the visiting preacher or “profit” is often times paid from that same offering…they get a percentage. So the more they raise, the more they get. Let’s just be real, these lofty people are not known for feeding the poor of America. They are not teaching African Americans how to gain socioeconomic and political power. They are actually part of the problem. They trick people out of their money, talking about how God has given them big churches, planes riches, and huge houses…then these same people go out, get subprime mortgages for big houses and cars so they can look “blessed” and prosperous too. What?!?!?! What bible is this from. What about the poor, the widows, the fatherless. All these fatherless black children running wild…are big name preachers talking about it and holding conferences about it? No, because that doesn’t make the membership shout and run around the church. Talk about money, homes, new business ownership, dreams, destiny, salvation, freedom from your past…you know…what they want to hear. Entertain them with the best gospel singers and musicians (many of whom are not saved and just employed by the church so that the praise and worship sounds really good. I know…I’ve been there…I’m a singer). Many of the young people committing crimes, being falsely accused, and embracing the negatives that come out of hip hop culture, like “Stop Snitchin”, are THE FATHERLESS that the word speaks of.

I would think that at least saved African Americans would care about what is going on in this nation with black people. The Black Church was the center of the Civil Rights movement. Without the “people of God” there would have been no movement. Where is the church with regard to the Jena 6 and Dunbar Village. Are preachers going to talk about the Vick case instead? Do church folk really think that the negative images of African Americans in the media don’t affect their kids. Church kids are some of the most worldly and crazy ones most of the time, because they rebel against the standards of their parents…just like other teens…but they’ve been held to high, moral, Christian standards. Where are the standards? Where is the compassion? Where is the responsibility? Where is God’s love?

No, it’s easier to let the word of another person that you deem as holy be the guide for your life. It’s easier to find you significance in your church membership, and not in being a good mother, a good father, a loving person…etc. It’s easier to strive for the goals of looking holy instead of living holy…living like Jesus would if he were walking the earth right now. I believe that he would be helping people, shouting about injustice, and appalled by the inactivity of his church toward the great commission.

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