Raven Fund: Juanita Bynum’s husband, Bishop Weeks, wants the saints to pay for his legal defense??

As many of you know, Juanita Bynum’s husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, allegedly struck, beat and stomped his wife Tuesday in a hotel parking lot after the pair had dinner together to discuss a reconciliation.   It’s so appropriate that his last name is Weeks…because this bamma is week.  So week in fact that he how has a link on his website to the Raven Fund…a fund to raise money for him and his legal fees.  Now, I caught on to this story early, so when they first posted the graphic to give to this bamma, the graphic said that you were giving to something like “Bishop Weeks Defense Fund“…but of course that looks crazy.  He beat his wife for goodness sake…allegedly (let me be PC).  Raven Fund…sounds better huh.  Well now, it says this (now is 8/27, I know it can be gone or say something else tomorrow:

raven fund

Prophetic Seed…you mean Profit Seed.

Bamma, we see you.  This ain’t some dumb ass “stop snitchin”, support your homies type madness.  Your business is on blast all over the Internet…bruises, handcuffs, mug shot…etc.  I sure hope the people in your congregation are not dumb enough to give to you.  Aren’t you supposed to be paid?  Didn’t Juanita have like a 7.6 carat ring at the wedding…or did she buy that (maybe you couldn’t afford something like that after divorcing your first wife).  I don’t know.  In the end, this is a mess.  You surely have money, or you’ve really been faking the prosperity funk.  Use your own money, Bishop Weeks!!!

This is why black people need to stop following these televised pimp preachers who ask for you to sow your last dimes into them, instead of showing you how to live a better life, support your community, and effect the cultural and political landscape of America for the benefit of all God’s children.  This is a mess.


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2 responses to “Raven Fund: Juanita Bynum’s husband, Bishop Weeks, wants the saints to pay for his legal defense??

  1. This is truly unbelievable! I’ve been in support of some sort of reconciliation between the two but obviously the Good Bishop refuses to admit his fault. Fact is he did beat his wife. He should admit to it! having the saints pay for his legal fees is not justified.

    He needs to use his own money! its his mess, the church did not help him beat his wife and they should not help him get off!

  2. divawidfevah

    I see they’ve since revamped the site, but for at least 3 days following the news of him beating his wife, the site read, “Click here to support Bishop Thomas Weeks, III during this difficult time” As people began to blog about it and undoubtedly call the church to ask if he was serious, it was changed to the Raven Fund and then the Raven Prophetic Seed, which of course no explanation was ever given about what on earth a Raven Fund is or what the Raven Prophetic Seed is. Now they’ve taken it off, but have a giving link, where you must have a password and user ID, so I guess only those serious about “helping a brutha out” can access it.

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