Juanita Bynum finally speaks about beating on TBN

She says that she’s is the new face of domestic violence and she’s getting herself ready for a “new mantle”.  Do what cha gotta do girl.  Glad to see her looking good and she seems to be doing well through all of this.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that she aired her dirty laundry on a national stage, first as a victim of divorce and dead-end affairs and now as a victim of domestic violence. National Pentecostal evangelist Juanita Bynum, 48, went public with her pain Tuesday, sharing yet another chapter in her tumultuous life story.The tough-talking pastor, who has survived a divorce, a nervous breakdown and life on welfare, broke her silence two weeks after her second husband, Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, allegedly beat, stomped and choked her in a hotel parking lot.

Bynum appeared Tuesday night as a special guest on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” program, a Christian talk show featuring ministers, gospel artists and other newsmakers.

On the show, Bynum said she had no bitterness toward her husband.

She would not say anything negative about Weeks. “Nobody could give me enough money,” she said. “As long as he’s my husband I won’t break that covenant.”

Also on the show, she said the church would help people by preaching more about personal experiences such as her own.

While interviews other guests, an emotional Bynum said, “I came here tonight to declare that I can bear it, I can bear it, I can bear it.”

Before the television appearance, in a room with flashing cameras, Bynum said she has forgiven Weeks for the alleged attack and that her ministry will take a new twist because of the pain she has suffered.

“Today, domestic violence has a face and a name and it is Juanita Bynum,” said the pastor.


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27 responses to “Juanita Bynum finally speaks about beating on TBN

  1. Rhoda Kimble

    I am proud of Sis. Bynum for first acknowledging her struggle and then willing to do something about it. Unfortunately, the media feels as if people who have money will not have problems; where is this concept derived from? The media has a field day when Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears appears to be out of control; MONEY AND FAME DOES NOT MAKE YOU PROBLEM-FREE; INSTEAD YOU ARE A TARGET! I wish the media could allow people with fame, who are dealing with the same issues that us “nobodys” are dealing with, to grieve without all this media coverage. I wish the media would simple cover things in our society that really matter, such as the racial tension that still exists in 2007 that has sparked a firestorm regarding the “Jena 6” in Louisana or the emotional and psychological damage that this war is placing on our soldiers as they return home; oh, yes, America we are still at war, but the war is not overseas, it is right here in our homeland. What Sis. Bynum has done is no different from any woman who knows what she will and will not accept in life. Thank you, Sis Bynum for becoming the face of domestic violence, but WAKE UP AMERICA!!! SHE”S NOT THE FIRST ONE AND SHE WON’T BE THE LAST!!!!!!!

  2. One must wonder if her motives are based on gaining media exposure and expanding her “parish”. Playing the forgiving victim card is just so effective…

    Never ever trust the motives of anyone who makes their money in the public eye.

  3. Vanessa Savage

    It is great she is speaking out and willing to help other women who are in the same situation. Domestic violence has been around forever and the media is making it seem like she is the first and only woman who has been abused. This is one incident. What about the women who live in it every day. Where is the media when someone who is not as famous as Ms. Bynum? Where is their cover page?

  4. Michelle Marin

    I watched TBN and I appauled her. She stood up and faced this issue head on..her motive, her pain, her marriage and her future are in the hands of Christ..just as the rest of us! Abuse of all kinds — physical, emotional, or spirtual effects all of us at some point in our lives, we can learn from Sister Bynum-God heals!

  5. Just discovered your blog. Very interesting. Back on topic, I hope Juanita is sincere regarding her new mantle on domestic violence. There are too many women sitting in church pews week after week suffering in silence with no one to turn to or in many cases too ashamed of the position they find themselves in to share it with anyone. The women should not be the ones bearing the shame, it is the men -from the pew to the pulpit, these fools need to be called out and admonished by the church and the victims need to be embraced and supported to either get out of the marriage or DEMAND the abuser get professional help. I hope this problem is put on blast at churches across the country.

  6. The women should not be the ones ALONE to bear the shame. It’s takes both abuser and victim for the cycle to continue, so these battered women need to step up and make the hard choice to use the that embrace and support your demanding.

  7. Jason

    I hate that this has happened for the both of them. Let God be true and every man a liar. There are 2 sides to every story. She did not deserve this. However, God is shaking up everything that can be shakin. The whole truth will be made known. Ask Paula and Randy White.


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  9. Rev. Dr. Jasmin Duckett

    I survived 17 years of mental, physical, financial and emotional abuse in my marriage before the LORD delivered me from that demonic depression and stronghold in my life. There is a very thin line between love and hate. Domestic abuse is a sickness that is cyclic and sinister. When my husband was abusing me he was demon possessed. I saw the rage. I seen the demon. When possessed, his eyes got as big as gulf balls and he released some secretion of a strange body fluid. My husband tried to kill me several times, but he couldn’t take my life because God has a purpose for my life. Herein is my purpose — TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. ANY WOMAN BEING ABUSED, GET OUT OF THAT EVIL SITUATION! REMEMBER EPHESIANS 5:25 AND I PARAPHRASE, “A MAN MUST LOVE HIS WIFE AS JESUS LOVES HIS CHURCH”!

  10. TERI M.



  11. “A man must love his wife as Jesus loves his church.”
    Yikes then. Maybe he was just beating the love into her like he rakes in the money from the church. No offence, but no one that claims himself to be a minister should beat the hell out of their wife. Especially if you’re famous. That was not too bright.

  12. Wake Up

    It would be helpful for the public to see the clips from the Women on the Frontline Conference just prior to this incidence, aired. Mrs. Bynum was in rare form. She was going on and on about how she was going to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine. How she was about to launch nine (9) new businesses. How preaching was not something she was going to do the rest of her life. How she “tricked” everyone and preaching got her a name and that she has every intention on using to get rich! Truly I was vexed when this “show” was going accross the airwaves. But the WORD says Pride goes before destruction,a haughty spirit before a fall. Then came the fall! Now graciously she forgives her husband and domestic violence has a new face and name. This is now her mantle, her purpose, but it’s not a religious issue. These people are NOT true christians, their doctrine (oneness) is not of the true Lord Jesus of the Bible. There are many false christs these days!! We are to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. They are out to make a reputation and a name for themselves. They have mastered the christianize language. But anyone who studies to show themselves approved, knows that it is just a bunch of “spiritual talk” that equates to mumble-jumble of scriptures. Rightly divide the word of truth is what anyone who honors/fears the Lord will do, scripture is the final authority. We will be judged by it so we really need to get it right. A house that is built of the wrong foundation will fall. Now all of a sudden this is a social issue when the prophet who speaks for God mouth has been shut for ten (10) days!

  13. Zion

    I agree with Michelle Marin …..and further more before we and by extension all those are up coming Ministers of God that will speak his voice…we were all MAN and WOMAN before we became Ministers and we still are..our sex just because we become Ministers of the God..It’s wrong and its wrong

  14. Kiaten

    I am not sure by what she meant when she said domestic violence had a face. It’s had several faces from Cecily Tyson to Tyne Daly. Several famous, high profile women have been beaten by their partners. Halle Berry was beaten by Wesley Snipes and David Justice.

    I do know that Ms. Bynum is a strong-willed woman who does not easily listen to other points of view. She is proud and arrogant. I do know that such people often abuse people around them. I’m not saying she did, but we don’t know all of what happened in that marriage.

    Sometimes we as women have a tendency to push the envelope knowing that we can get away with a great many things because we are the weaker sex. If we jump into a man’s face and slap him a few times we believe he doesn’t have the right to defend himself against us. We believe we can keep on hitting him and never expect be to hit ourselves. Often we don’t respect our partners boundaries and back off when they tell us to. It is unfortunate, but we have done this.

    I don’t know what happened that they had to meet at a hotel to discuss their marriage. I don’t know why they hadn’t gone to a marriage counselor, but if this marriage is to be saved it will truly take an act of God.

  15. Joann

    It is a tradegy that this has happened in the Body of Christ! However, I firmly questions Ms. Bynums motives for becoming the Face of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence has always had a face. It has not just occurred in the past few weeks. Is this simply an opportunity to increase her financial wealth and power. Pride and arrogance seem to be evident in her statements. There are two people involved in this situation, she and her husband. It is evident that she has no intentions of reconciliation. I question if she has really forgiven him. She intends to destroy her husband and appears to be succeeding. If she has not gotten herself together by now regarding men, I don’t think she will. I questions her good judgement and who she really is. I am very disappointed in her. She has led the christian body to believe that she had a good relationship and all the time who knows what was going on. She even stood (being a “judge”) giving advice to couples while her own marriage was/is in shambles. I am not advocating Domestic Violence and it is not justified. When will she truly learn about relationships?

  16. wycliffe

    Jehovah God called you.It’s time for you to use this opportunity to get back at his feet.You and your husband only knows what was happening in your marriage and i don’t think people need to know that.God hates divorce.Humble yourself before the mighty hands of God that he may exalt you.Do not go by the media to destroy your husband because it takes two to tangle in a marriage.You are not the face of domestic violance but a child of God who has gone a stray.Please come back to Jesus for he is able to restore you.Humble yourself and cry your heart out to him for our Father has been watching all that has been happening in your life and he is concerned.This case also applies to your husband.Do not take each other to court has if in the kingdom of God there are no brothers and sisters to help you come out of the problem facing you.I remember in one of your books you talked of T. D. Jakes being one of the men of God who have helped you.Please I bessech you by the mercies of God to go to him so that you can pray togather and ask the Father for a solution.The media will just rejoice in maligning Jesus name and making fun of you but cannot give you a solution.Please ask Weeks III that you all seek the Lord on this and stop this publicity which will not give you hope and strength that you badly need.Don’t fight for your image but let the Lord give you his image it is better than the image this world can give you and I mean both of you.The Bible says:What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?Come out of this as a soldier of the cross.


  17. 2 things.

    first, what goes on in her marriage is between her, him, and god. it is no one else’s business. if they stay together, or if they dont, it’s still not our business.

    second, people are so quick to question her motives. if she is speaking by the spirit when she calls herself the (new) face of domestic violence, then it will show in her works. if not, then again, that’s between her and god. god doesn’t need you to divine where she stands with him. pray for her relationship with god, and then focus on yours. ;]

  18. Swaney

    WERE SUPPOSE TO THINK SHE’S SOME GREAT SPIRITUAL LEADER WHO “domestic violence has a face and a name and it is Juanita Bynum,”



  19. Jimmy

    Always Quoted
    Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself,
    Ephesians 5:33

    Never Quoted
    and let the wife see that she respects her husband.
    Ephesians 5:33

  20. JB Fans Club E.U

    I am very impressed by the wealth of wisdom ppl has used on this site concerning my beloved sister Bynum.
    God will use this for His Glory.
    juanitabynumfansclubeurope at gmail.com

  21. Barbara from Miami

    I am the wife of a Pastor and I just believe that somethings should stay between husband, wife, and God, unless there are other motives. I watched the wedding on television and I were so happy for them, but after hearing about the break up it really saddens my heart. I feel that we as christians needs to keep in mind that the whole world is watching us, not just want we say, but what we do. I think it is wrong for both of them to air their dirty laundry in puplic, people may support her, or him in puplic but what are they really feeling in their hearts. As part of that body of Christ this really breaks my heart because I believe that both of these people loves the Lord, but they are allowing satan to use them to hurt each others testimony. My prayer is that they would remember the word and allow God to heal them both of the deep hurt. P.S. my husband said practice what you preach–and read the Bible, you are not bigger than the ministry. We have to be, just have to be careful because the world is watching us to see how we will handle life’s situations. What are you going to say if and when you have counsel a young Christian couple, are you going to say “DON’T DO AS I DO, BUT DO AS I SAY DO”–JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. May God open your eyes and let you see the humiliation that you bring to the faith.

  22. I am saddened by this whole situation, but one thing that bothers me the most is how can Juanita Bynum say Domestic Violence has a new face and it is hers. What she went through, if it happened, as she says is a beat down not domestic violence. Please note, I am not justifying what he did. But keep in mind, there is more to the story. He walked out of the hotel and she follows him. What happened between the time they left the hotel and the bellman arrived. They are the only two that knows. Did he jump her or did she jump him and block him from getting in his car and he pushed her off him to the ground to get to the car. There are two conflicting stories. I don’t believe either one. Domestic violence is mental, physical and spiritual oppression that happens over a period of time. She said herself that this is the first time he hit her. There was yelling, etc. Domestic violence is some one who has been tortured for years and gets anxious at 5PM, afraid at 5:30PM and terrified when she hears the keys in the door, because she wonders is he in a good mood, do I need to protect the children, or will I/we servive the night. This is the face of domestic violence. Personally I believe the truth has not come out as of yet. Something else happened that day and I don’t believe either one of the are telling the truth. They are bringing a shame and mockery to the Body of Christ.. They are destroying the Christian witness, becuase they are high profile men and women of God acting selfishly and shameless.

  23. this is scik she is no women of god
    she is a false profit who soppusly god use her lier not so.
    go to youtube find out who she really is look on
    janita bynum sex scandel .
    she a money hungry person she a false profit
    and now she rikes what she sould.
    she dose not care for the lost souls nor the one in need. she theift nothing more or nothing less.
    using the name of god for her own persuse sick women now the wrath of God is opeon her.
    she ask for thwising floor 200,000. woth of land come one . while she could use that money people in africa who are sraving and dieing .
    go to her website you will be sick what you see .she promotes here self to be like God sick women

  24. I like prophetess Bynum alot and may GOD bless her ministry.

  25. sharon

    Congragulations Im happy for youI hope that god will restore you fully and keep you uplifted. Please keep me up in prayer there are many many trials and hardships related to illegal actitivities and money making crimes against my life and the lives of my family through a man named arron boynton and many others.

  26. liz

    Jaunita bynum is a wonderful preacher. You inspire me a lot. I have a strong calling into ministry but I am still practising the legal profession and miserable in it. I need a word from u. I don’t know what people ll say or think if I have to start preaching. Pls help!

  27. mercy koech

    may someone help me out there, what does the bible say about family. l feel burden with the church of today, there is no longer right or wrong, we are inteprating to suit our need. does someone has the same sentiment like me?

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