Weeks says that he thought beating Bynum was a “Private Matter”

Here is the letter (as Posted on MediaTakeOut.com) The Atlanta Constitution’s recent article on Bynum filing for divorce notes the same. Help us O’ Lord. This bamma is trying to say that he didn’t speak out amid all the drama to keep it private. It’s been public for like…weeks. TOO LATE NEGRO…YOUR BUSINESS IS IN THE DIRTY STREETS!!!!!!!!! SAY SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!

“I appreciate the comments shared by my wife on yesterday and likewise share my forgiveness towards her and wish her all the best. I also have had time to reflect on the events of the last two weeks. And I would encourage all who have already judged me to be aware that there are two sides to every story.

Because I initially believed this was a private matter, I refrained from making any public statements about the situation. Even during the negative press coverage and media hype that has surrounded this case, my legal counsel has recommended that I reveal my side of what happened that Tuesday night only at the appropriate time.

Nevertheless, one thing I would like to make very clear to all who will listen, is to share my sincerest apologies to the every Christian, and especially to the Global Destiny Church Family, Sons, Daughters and Partners for having to endure this ordeal.

Because of the method in which this was handled just hours following the situation, it has not only hurt me, but has damaged the reputation of Christians around the world. It is for this reason, that I continue to trust in God while the storm would try to engulf me. Finally, I’m asking every Christian to pray that God’s will be done.
Bishop Thomas Weeks III”

Oh did I mention Weeks being a fugitive…video below


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5 responses to “Weeks says that he thought beating Bynum was a “Private Matter”

  1. aj

    That entire statement sounds like it was smithed by his attorney. He had to say something, JB is getting so much sympathy. What strikes me is the fact that he does not issue a direct apology to her. I guess Ike never issued one to Anna Mae either.

  2. anonymous

    It was not a private matter. It was a crime.


  3. Kiaten

    I do agree that his statement does seem staged, I have to give him credit for not being defensive or angry. There are many things he could have said, and he refrained from giving details about all that went on.

    I don’t think he meant the beating was a private matter, it happened in a parking lot and not in a home. I think he meant that he thought the handling of it was going to be private.

    It shouldn’t be private and his expectations of that are immature and selfish. He should think more about what he did and what he can do to control his temper.

    Since I don’t know what happened, I cannot say he owes her an apology. If she struck him first she is not owed an apology. Adults do not hit each other. When they do they go to jail. If that is the case they were both wrong.

    As for Mr. Weeks, he acted in a way that warrants prison. He should not be protected from the consequences of his actions, and as a man of God should not expect to escape them.

  4. I have visited your site 242-times

  5. Thank all u black women,for standing up,we don`t have to take this madness no more,we are not in darkness,we see the light,and with that we can walk in the sunshine once again,keep the strength.take it to the next level,(JAIL),THEY WILL STOP!!!

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