Free OJ Simpson…Again

I know brothers get set up every day, but if you have a target on your back…you don’t need to get all vigliante about getting your stolen stuff back, OK O.J.?!?!?!  With regard to the charges…who was kidnapped?  Who?  Fromong’s cell phone…is that what was kidnapped?

” Simpson faces 11 charges stemming from an alleged robbery last week in a Las Vegas hotel.  Simpson and four co-defendants are accused of entering a room in the Palace Station Hotel and Casino and pointing guns at two men — Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong — as they took sports memorabilia, along with Fromong’s cell phone and Beardsley’s cap and sunglasses.

The charges include multiple counts of first-degree kidnapping with a weapon, robbery with a weapon, burglary with a weapon, coercion and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and robbery. The kidnapping charges were added Tuesday.

Simpson said he entered the room with friends — one of whom was posing as a potential buyer — after being tipped off that some of his personal items were for sale there. He said his friends helped him carry the items from the room but said no guns were involved and denied a robbery occurred.

Police, however, said he orchestrated the incident and that the suspects had at least two guns, which authorities recovered during searches.

Beardsley told CNN’s “Larry King Live” that he was contacted last month by Thomas Riccio — a dealer and auctioneer of sports memorabilia — who said he had a client who wanted to buy some high-end Simpson items and would pay top dollar for them. Beardsley then called Fromong, who gave him a list of items he could provide.

Meanwhile, Riccio told King he called Simpson, told him Beardsley and Fromong had the items and the two had agreed to go the hotel room together, but that the alleged robbery was Simpson’s idea.” –

You are not going to traumatize thousands of “good white folk” by being “innocent” of killing your wife and her “friend” and then write a book where in you account for how “you would have” done the deed in question, and think that a setup of major proportions is not on the way.  OJ, you should have left the country years ago…France, Canada, somewhere.  It was just a matter of time…Dayum. 


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10 responses to “Free OJ Simpson…Again

  1. tsos20

    He entered the room saying, “nobody leave this room”. That’s not what you say when you’re buying memorabilia, I’s what you say when you’re holding someone up. Thankfully there is a tape, so OJ can’t lie and get away with it.
    The Sultan on Sports

    ps Do you really still believe he’s innocent of murder? That he deserves your sympathy? I feel sorry for you.

  2. Hey Buddy…try reading again “” = sarcasm!!!

  3. O.J. must think he’s invincible and above reproach. I hope his illusions are shattered and he’s thrown in jail with some flashbacks of the good old days in the shower. Maybe a knife or two will be thrown into his cellmates hands…

  4. Gordon

    Thank God this junglebunny is gonna be confined in a cage where he belongs for at least the next 6 years.

  5. Muhammad

    “…an alleged robbery…”
    Nothing alleged about it anymore my friend.
    It was proven in a court of law.
    Until it’s proven otherwise he is a criminal found guilty on 12 charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping.

    I feel sorry for O.J though and think the law should be changed. Only 4 weeks ago, my bank
    took $20 from my account as an admin charge, after 2 weks of investigation, they admitted they were wrong and refunded the money. BUT I feel the law should allow me to go into the bank and kidnap the bank manager at gunpoint then take my money back. It’s the best way to run a society I feel. The law in the USA is just too stupid at times.

  6. This is a petition, please visit and sign.

  7. Right on Bro

    OJ is gone. No more stories. No more books.
    We will have to contend with waiting for the next charismatic megavertibrate celebrity to fall off the wagon. My money is on Britney. I think she has a murderous eye. I think we could have a new trial of the century if she took out a spice girl in a fit of pique!

  8. Simpson didn’t say: let nobody leave the room. That was somebody else. Happily there is a tape which proves the scene was completely innocent. You’ll find it on my website What Simpson did was an act of kindness: he gave those people the opportunity to give his property back voluntarily so that he wouldn’t have to call the police on them. Simpson is a completely non-violent person. That he didn’t commit those murders has been proved many times over.

  9. joe johnson

    Those hillbillies in Neveda just loved this! A bunch of cowboys cattle driven Mormons and crackers out to get revenge!

  10. Free the Juice

    I hope he gets released as early as possible, he’s a good guy

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