Bush says, “Where’s Mandela? Mandela is Dead.”

Saddam killed all the Mandela’s huh?!?!?  Man, this is one of the crazyiest clips of Bush I’ve ever seen.  Where are his speech writers????  What do his handlers do…just stand around and smile at him?  This is straight dumb…absolutely.


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4 responses to “Bush says, “Where’s Mandela? Mandela is Dead.”

  1. The more important question is where is your ability to comprehend? It is plainly obvious that he not saying that Nelson Mandela (the South African) is dead, but that Iraqi people like Nelson Mandela are dead. It is called a metaphor.

  2. You are calling into question my ability to comprehend this bullshit attempt at Bush saying something deep. I’m sorry, but you must be kidding. Sure, I know what he was trying to say…but he TRIES to say stuff all the time. He tries to sound intelligent. He tries to sound informed. I need a president that doesn’t just try. I need a president that is clear. I need a president that I don’t have to attempt to comprehend.

    It’s not plainly obvious…lol. What Iraqi people are “like Nelson Mandela”. What notable Iraqi citizens are you talking about? Why not just name those people…that would ring true, that might actually be deep. I would be impressed by that…hearing Bush rattle off the names of some dead Iraqi scholars or peace activists. Ummm, but he didn’t. He said “Where’s Mandela?” Come on man….come on!!!

  3. AS

    Perhaps GW can blame Saddam for the dollar’s decline – 33% or more against many major currencies. We’re throwing away so much money on this war without raising taxes or drastically cutting other expenses that foreign governments are leery about holding dollars. All Saddam’s fault!!!

  4. kermitdfrogz

    Bush is a moron, and you’re right, sista; he TRYING to say something, but his child-like grasp on the English language and lack of ability of understanding complex concepts (and sentences) make him look like a fool. Bush is about as deep as a puddle of piss, and twice as repugnant.

    Let’s break down some of the things that make Bush’s statement laughable as a Richard Pryor skit:

    1. There was already a democratic process in South Africa(it was President F.W. De Klerk who got rid of Apartheid, after all), it just wasn’t a united democratic process, just like there was a democratic process in Iraq. Your vote just didn’t count if you voted for anyone else other than Saddam. It’s just that the people at large in Both South Africa and Iraq were marginalized, so it still was a Democracy, just like in America people’s votes were marginalized and we got this clown in the White House in the first Place, and then twice. So if you don’t count Iraq as a democracy, you certainly can’t count America as one either.

    2. Saddam’s brutal rule was backed by Republicans (neocons), namely Reagan and Bush’s father. So if the powers who put Saddam in control are currently “handling” Iraq, They still are under the same rule before Saddam was ousted, the figurehead is merely removed: so therefore there is no “recovery”, and his statement is moot. The only thing that changed is the acceleration of killing of the people.

    3. I heard someone say “where’s Mandela”? If what he says is true, that person was merely asking for Mandela. If the person actually said “Where ARE the Mandellas” then Bush again ignorantly misquoted yet another person, which makes him obviously confused because it’s not like he couldn’t get the story right before it came out of his mouth. But I believe that he didn’t know what he was saying or that he meant niether one of those statements because of the statement where he said…

    4. …”Brutal, kinda… divided people up… split families”. “Kinda” burtality doesn’t kill, neither dividing people up or splitting families, as none of this turmoil existed before Bush’s war on the Middle East. I believe Bush’s built in earpiece malfunctioned again like that first debate between himself and Kerry.

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