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NAACP Doesn’t Support Hate Crime March in W.Va.

The NAACP said Tuesday it does not support a hate crime awareness march that will raise money for a black woman who says she was tortured by six whites.

Local and national NAACP officials said they disapprove of Saturday’s march organizers, a group based in Washington, D.C., called Black Lawyers for Justice that wants hate crime charges brought against the defendants.

Six whites are charged with raping and torturing 20-year-old Megan Williams for days until her Sept. 8 rescue. All could get life prison sentences if convicted, but the prosecutor has not filed hate crime charges, saying they could be difficult to prove.

Williams, her family and black leaders such as the Rev. Al Sharpton plan to participate in the march, which has been endorsed by groups including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the National Conference of Black Mayors.

The Rev. Audie Murphy, NAACP branch president for Logan and Boone counties, said his group will continue supporting Williams, “but not within this march.”

“The NAACP is not against hate crimes being charged; we’re just saying we respect the decision of the prosecutor to later on have the freedom to do so. We do believe that some of what the perpetrators (had) against Megan, it was hate crime, but we want them to be prosecuted under the laws.” Continue reading

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Halloween in DC: Gentrificaiton and Candy

While walking to the Giant on O Street NW I thought of one of the great things about the Gentrification that’s going on in Washington DC, specifically NW. As I watched all of the beautiful children, most of them African American, I thought about all the upgraded candy they would be collecting from Gentrified households. Not to say that Big Momma and nem’ don’t give great candy, because they do. I saw folks giving out candy from the projects near the Convention Center, and the kids were swarming and happy. However, being from the midwest originally I know that white folks have great goodies at Halloween too. Baked goods…oh yes.

The other great thing I saw tonight was black families all together with the kids, having family time. It was great.

Happy Halloween!!! (For those of you who celebrate it. I know that lots of Christians don’t, and to you I say Happy Any Other Day! LOL)

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White Kids doing the Soulja Boy Dance

LMAO, Lord have mercy.   They better do that dance!  That little boy in the front…somebody needs to check his racial identity records…one drop, one drop.  He’s got rhythm!


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National BlackOut Day – Should you go see American Gangster on Nov 2?

A group of Black radio talk-show hosts believe that Black folks – with an estimated purchasing power near $1 trillion – could force the U.S. governmentmoney to take a more aggressive stand against theseeming deluge of racial injustices, from the flurry of nooses and hurry to jail Black youths, to racial profiling and predatory mortgage lenders. They say that Black folks can show their power by refusing to buy anything on Friday, November 2,. Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.,endorsed the National Black Out Day, but urged that participants use the day to repent and pray. Raleigh, N.C., Attorney and radio show host Warren Ballentine says that if African Americans keep their money in their pockets on Friday, they will send a clear message that the Black community is nothing to mess with. He says he got the idea after joining numerous protest marches this year. “After Jena, [the Louisiana march that drew tens of thousands of people] I decided there’s so many things going on in this country as far as [injustices within] the justice system,” Ballentine, who calls himself “The People’s Attorney,” told The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Michael Baisden and the Rev. Al Sharpton have joined them. “It’s showing togetherness and unity, and it’s one thing we haven’t shown the federal government in a long time,” Ballentine said. “I know this is working because I’m getting death threats and advertisers are starting to worry that they’re going to lose money on this day.” Do you think this is a good idea? Will you participate in the economic boycott on Nov. 2? (Source: BET)

Here’s another question…will you go see American Gangster on Friday. Black people love to see movies when “they first come out”. Does it even matter. Black Folk who protest on Friday can give their money to “the man” on Saturday! LOL. Continue reading


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Hello, Negro says “Negro, Please” to Merrill Lynch CEO

After Franklin Raines and the whole Fannie Mae drama, I thought that African American CEOs would act right, and represent blacks in business a little better. You know they’re watching you, anyway. But no, Stanley O’Neal was not able to lead the Merrill Lynch (lynch…lol…how appropriate) out of the crisis sparked by large losses from junk mortgages. Hey, the market is in crisis and that’s not all Stanley’s fault.

The only issue I have is that he’s getting a huge package…161.5 million, reports Bloomberg, in the form of securities and retirement funds.

“Merrill’s board refused to give O’Neal a severance package following a record $8.4 billion writedown of subprime mortgages, asset-backed bonds and buyout loans this month. By permitting O’Neal, 56, to retire, the company lets him keep past stock bonuses that may have been based on the same type of wagers that fueled this year’s losses, one compensation consultant said.”

The Sub Prime Scandal was very very scandalous and has effected the black community…especially the black middle class. Let’s not even mention jobs lost in the mortgage industry. For his part, if he has one that can be proven, he should take financial loss equal to the loss he’s contributed to. However, if all of the parties involved are not rounded up to do the same (and they won’t be), let ole Stanley do his thing.

Capitalism is a hell of a drug. – Hello, Negro

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Ghetto Handbook for Houston Police Officers, Cop Fired

HOUSTON – The city’s school system has fired a police officer for creating and distributing a “Ghetto Handbook.” The eight-page booklet, handed out to other police officers at a May roll call, said the definitions it contained would allow readers to speak as if they “just came out of the hood.” It was subtitled “Wucha dun did now?”Gang investigator Roby Morris, 34, had worked for 11 years at the Houston Independent School District before being fired this past week, according to an investigation report released Friday. He had been on paid leave since August. “This incident represents an egregious violation of our standards of conduct and decency,” said school district spokesman Terry Abbott.

Morris told investigators he made the booklet to get back at one of his bosses. He also pointed out he is married to a black woman and that they have three children together, according to the report. Morris could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday.

Source: MSNBC

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Video: What if the South Had Won?

“An audacious, frighteningly resonant faux documentary, CSA: The Confederate States of America asks what American culture would look like if the South had won the Civil War. Venturing a glimpse at such a world, it stimulates the experience of watching a TV special, complete with racist commericals and newsbreaks.” – Caroline Libresco

One of my favorite videos in the last 5 years (I bought the DVD…it was in Target…who would have thought), CSA: The Confederate States of America is a must see. Here’s more…


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