Blackface on Facebook: White students mock the Jena 6

What do you think…should this video be censored?

Blackface-book: Should Whites Reenact Jena 6?
Pushing Decency Louisiana Students Play Racist
By: Emily Steiner | Washington Post

Is it racist, or just kids playing in the mud? Eyebrows are raising over a Facebook video reenacting the stomping incident in Jena, La. The footage shows three University of Louisiana at Monroe students in blackface, playfully acting out the racially motivated assault on a fourth white student. In the background others can be heard yelling out racial epithets.

Shot on the banks of the Ouachita River, the minute-long video was posted on the Facebook page of Kristy Smith, though her page has since been made private and footage pulled after she received a number of complaints. However, The Smoking Gun has obtained a copy of the video as well as a number of photos of the white students covered in mud and showing the number “6” with their fingers.

While Smith is quoted saying “I’m not racist,” but things “got a lil out of hand,” the video was posted days later and is entitled “The Jena 6 on the River,” fueling speculation that it was not inspired just by inebriated spontaneity. On the other hand, since student film has long been a medium for controversial commentary, should Smith’s film be censored?


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4 responses to “Blackface on Facebook: White students mock the Jena 6

  1. Fatisma

    It’s disturbing that people are trying to get her kicked out of college for this! What she does outside of school (esp since it was no felony) is no one’s business. The only college professor on this continent who lectured at Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest was African, and he still has his job under the guise of “free speech”, I’ve seen African American study departments where they introduce material that talks about other minority groups as bad as the KKK talks about whites. If people are offended, then don’t hang out with the girl! No one has any right to “punish” her.

  2. pj

    I do not think she should be kicked out of school because of this video. What she does on her time is her own.

    IF there had been a video tape of the Jena 6 when they attacked their classmate at Jena High School there would not be people telling lies about the case to make it appear that the Jena 6 did not do wrong. It would be a completely different situation if their crime were on video tape for the world to see. Miss Smith has shown a very mild version of what the Jena 6 actually did when they attacked a classmate from behind.

  3. D. Y

    Kiss my blk @ass….. people who are uniformed always make ignorant comments

  4. D. Y

    Furthermore, black people don’t have a problem integrating.. white people are trying to integrate into the black community.. white teenagers buy more hip-hop music and white women are chasing black men. black teenagers are not buying all the country music.. and black women certainly are not chasing white men… although we [blk women] know white men fantasize about black women, they just don’t have the self esteem and confidence…not to mention white men can not handle a strong woman since they are so use to weak women.. the white boy, got his @ss kicked … rightfully so… I bet he won’t do that shit again!!

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