Is it the Church…is it the Club??

I don’t mean to talk about anyone’s praise but…this brother doesn’t seem to be caught up in the spirit…unless it’s the spirit of James Brown.

deenajones1 who posted these videos on youtube says: Man, O.K, I don’t care what ya’ll say, Church today ain’t nothing but a straight up CLUB! A organizational gathering place, like the college greek organizations or an elitess club or something. Thanks to all of you “Super-Exclusive, Only If you’re Rich or Pretty and Only if you’re Related to a Church Leader Fake Christians” you all have turned Jesus Church into a Exclusive Club!

Look…I can hear ya’ll right now, you Clark Sista Lovin, Cogic Praisen Hypocrites! I can hear ya’ll right now talkin that mess about how wrong I am and how I’m a devil, but lets be honest, I mean seriously….anytime someone can get up, IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH AND BUST OUT DOING THE ELECTRIC SLIDE AS A PRAISE DANCE…YA’LL GOTTA BE KIDDING! I DON’T EVEN HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY ABOUT IT, THE CLIP SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!”

What do you think?   Do you agree?


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5 responses to “Is it the Church…is it the Club??

  1. aj

    Looks like some folk FORGOT where they where……SMH

  2. No that was James Brown Spirit.

  3. The lord can, does and will move however He chooses. Amen to that. And amen that religion and white washed tombs didn’t stop him 2000 years ago, and haven’t yet…

  4. hammondman94

    I am a resident of Baton Rouge, La where the clip of the man in the red suit was filmed. The person that recorded that at that time, did not know that the man in the red suit suffers from Down’s Syndrome. The video had been sent all over the world by the time this was realized. I ask that you would remove the video and issue a statement of apology about this issue. The poor guy has been exploited enough for doing what in his mind was praising the Lord.

  5. Hammondman94,

    I removed the clip. Thank you for letting me know. However, an apology should be issued by the person who put the clip out there in the first place. Not me. Things like this happen all the time. You may want to contact deenajones1 at youtube and anyone else you can find on youtube who’s posted it and ask them to take the video down. I’m sure they will.


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