Black Sista Stars and Alleged Nose Jobs

Pretty much without exception, a white aesthetic dominates the entertainment industry and cosmetic surgery business. Here are some black celebs who have allegedly gone under the knife.  True or False, no one is going from classic African American features to an even more Afrocentric look when it comes to noses.

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Lil Kim
kimlil kim



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43 responses to “Black Sista Stars and Alleged Nose Jobs

  1. Dessa

    Now look, I’m all for a woman wanting to look and feel her best. If she feels she has to go under the knife to do so,yes it’s a shame but it’s their bodies to do what they choose. At least Kim and Miss Patti have never denied or shied away from the fact that they have had work done…As for Halle & Beyonce’…not to take away from anything that they have accomplished, but they’ll be the first celebs to tell our young girls how beautiful black girls are and that they should be proud of their looks, blah blah blah. But neither one has their original nose (and in Bey’s case not the original breasts either…or Rhianna’s) They don’t have to put their business on blast, but the hiprocrisy is sickening

  2. aj

    From the looks of Janet Jackson in “Why Did I Get Married”, she’s had her share of work as well, although it’s not wearing well on her these days.

  3. Well said Dessa.
    In addition, both of those PAtti photos are AFTER rhinoplasty. Her BEFORE nose would be during the Patti Labelle & the Bluebelle days

  4. Terrence

    Lil Kim….no secret. Everyone else, i doubt it. All the picture at smiling with the teeth showing and then smiling with the mouth closed. Dunno if it has anything to do with it but maybeeeee

  5. Sarah

    Hi, I have never understood why black people get so angry if a black person gets a nose job. It is not necessarily about a person wanting to look “white” merely they want their nose to look balanced and in line with the rest of there face. I think we black people need to be more honest with our looks. Patti did the right thing, the nose she had was not symmetrical. Ultimately it is about a persons choice to do what they want. It’s there face!

  6. Mar

    Sarah, while I do agree that it is their face and they should be able to do what they want to it, the problem is that they have non-European noses and they are getting them shaped to look more European. They looked fine before they had the surgery. There is something wrong with us if we say that getting their noses straightened is “balancing” their faces. It isn’t. It’s conforming to what society deems beautiful. This is a dangerous thing.

    A lot of women have eating disorders because society tells women that they must be a certain size even though that size is IMPOSSIBLE for most women to obtain unless they had their ribs removed and their hips shaved. We need to embrace all types of beauty instead of narrow ideas of what beauty is. All of these women were beautiful before they had surgery.

    The scary thing is that people see the celebrities and realize that all of them have straight, European noses and they wonder if something is wrong with them because their noses are bulbous or curved. And therefore, they decide to have plastic surgery. It’s a vicious cycle and it keeps women in chains worried about their looks.

    Terrence, unless you are blind, Halle Berry, Amerie, and Beyonce have had surgery. It has nothing to do with smiling. Halle Berry had a bulbous nose before she had surgery. Now it’s straight and kind of flared. Amerie looks like a completely different person. Her nose is more straight and defined.

  7. People,people,people… let them live. You only have one face and if you look in the mirror and are not happy you should do something about it. Also, those on t.v , in music and film have an image to uphold. If they look even a little off the media will attack and not hold the punches. I say if it feels right in your heart go for it!!!

  8. Mel davis

    Beyonce does not look as though she has had her nose done to me. I know people are desperate to say her beautiful looks are not natural but they are wrong.
    Looks like someone has been playing with the photoshop for the ‘before’ shots as I have been following Beyonce career from when she first started and aint never seen her nose looking as flat as that picture porports to be. Quit hating.

  9. Kev

    Black people seem to have a huge problem with their looks… and they always keep blaming “whitey” for racism, discrimination and all the problems when they are the ones hating….. themselves. I would ban all cosmetic surgery.

  10. itsmeagain

    I want a nose job.

  11. SP

    I don’t see why there is such a big deal and accusations of people trying to have more Caucasian features. Maybe they don’t like their noses because it’s not proportionate or it’s just too big…plain and simple. When a Caucasian person gets a nose job…no one makes a fuss about it….But when a person of African descent do it’s seen as a slap in the face. There are people of African descent who have natural cute noses. People act like only Caucasians have “smaller” noses. Not saying that there aren’t people out there that don’t like being “black” or ethnic and get nose jobs to appear more “white” under the pressures of the media’s ideal of beauty etc. I’m just saying that just because someone of African descent get their nose reduced doesn’t mean they’re trying to “rid themselves” of their ethnic qualities.

  12. HeyThatsLife

    hey you know what, I feel it has nothing to do with being ashamed of black features, trying to conform to white society, etc but more so the fact that African American noses are ugly and that’s that.
    Just like white people have ugly lips an get them filled or Chinese people lift their eyelids, etc
    You either are comfortable with it and don’t care or you want to do something about it and opt for surgery.
    I think what matters most iS that you do it for yourself and you do it to suit you features and not get everything done, then you look and ARE crazy.

  13. Shar


    What makes African American noses ugly?? The fact that they dont match America’s standard of “beauty” which is bigger lips, a thinny thin nose, and wide eyes with an impossibly thin figure?
    You and the rest of the world has been brainwashed into thinking that ethnic features are “ugly”.

  14. Bebe

    All American culture is eurocentric. It’s understandable that people are naturally attracted to the culture of their society but plastic surgery is PERMANENT. You should always be able to return to your natural state whether you take off your make-up at night or grow out your relaxer,etc. It is downright foolish to PERMANENTLY change your natural state. How do you explain to your daughter that she is beautiful as she is but you got a nose job. Your mentality changes throughout your life, hence, so will your values. Never make your mistakes PERMANENTLY unforgivable.

  15. Loll

    Lol @ white people have ugly lips.

    They don’t have lips, period, most of the time…

    I still think that’s beautiful and unique to their race, and should be something they are proud of, though.

    Similarly, I think full lips and ethnic noses are things to be PROUD of. If anything, they enhance a person’s appearance.

  16. Look, honestly I say it has nothing to do with wanting to look more “white” or whatever. People simply want what they don’t have. Black people want straight hair and small noses, white people want darker skin and fuller lips. So what. Society doesn’t make a big deal when a white person makes these changes so why cant a black person do the same? If you don’t like yourself and you have the money to change it, change it! If thats what will make you happy. Was Beyonce making money when her nose was bigger? Yes. she was already famous. And is she still making great money now? My point exactly. Nobody cares if you change those things as long as it isn’t so drastic that its rediculous.

  17. Ms. D

    Getting a nose job is no different than getting anything else…Everyone gets braces when they’re teeth are messed up.
    Why do black women get straight perms and non-black women get curly perms? We want to…AND its within our budget to do so.
    Why do black women wear weaves? We want to…AND its within our budget to do so.
    Why do women change their natural hair color or cut our hair in differnt styles? We want to…AND its within our budget to do so.
    WTF is the issue…stop hatin’, get YOUR money right and fix what you don’t like…

  18. Da one

    Yo wassup ppl..
    ok so basically i think that its not a bad thing for
    a blk person to want to get a nose job..
    My best friend is doing just that, and if im honest, when he first told me of this i was a little uncertain but at the end of the day he’s doing it to make himself comfortable…
    I think my nose is fine as it is, but if im honest, the more i look at black people the more im aware of whether or not they have a ”straight” bridged nose.
    I just think that if ppl are insecure about their features and want to get it done then good for them..after all, it IS their own nose so who is anyone to tell them otherwise?

  19. mama

    im more ashamed to be black when i hear black women always complain about what being a ” black woman” really is. weather its a black man with white woman or a black woman having a nose job. with the exception of lil kim who apparently opted for white features, everybody elses changes are so subtle if they werent celebrities no one would have even noticed. this is 2010 and i think more prominent noses are the sh*t now but still if its not a cute prominent nose then go get them nostrils fixed hahaha

  20. mama

    black white or whatever if your nose is big and ugly(some big noses can be cute) then it its just big and ugly!

  21. figero

    I don’t see what is the fuss about black women celebrities having cosmetic surgery. Just stop complaining and get on with our own lives.

  22. nicole

    when white people get tanned which is alot of white folks or get a nose job which are alot of white folks or get there lips filled or butt inplants no one says nothing and hey are quite happy with there after look no says oh they trying to be black or they dont think oh im not being white what they think is what everyone should feel white black or other i dont like this and we have technology to change it and i will simple as that whether your black and have a nose job or not trust me you got a nose job not a skin trans plant you will still be black and you will still experience life as a black person black is be pretty please stop trying to put black folk in a box and act like they cant have rhinoplasty if they want to just stop!

  23. shon

    i want a nose job and i has nothign to do with looking white. i just think my nose is too big for my face. dosent mean im gonna go a get a nose like micheal jackson(rip). no big deal its their face let them do what they wanna do.
    & agree with nicole what about when hwite people get their lips filled,& tan their skin…

  24. Iris

    Beyonce hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Look at her nose in the before and after pictures, it always pretty much looks the same. She has always had a small nose. When she smiles, Beyonce’s nose has always broaden somewhat. It still does to this day. I think the way she applies her makeup and lighting can make her nose look slightly different. But she has always had a cute button nose.

  25. john

    blacks , whites, chinese, indians do plastic surgery for one reason or the other. people like to alter their looks. some go too far but most people just want a slight change here and there. like beyonce. i see nothing wrong with that. blacks people do not hate the way they look. they are just doing what everybody else is doing

  26. john

    i like beyonce before and after plastic surgery. i will make love to her then and now. i will also make love to her sister and to kelly rolland

  27. Motheroflove

    Oh come on, people. Listen to yourselves. Some black people naturally have “cute” noses? Beauty is subjective. Some aspects of beauty might be biological. Thick hair might be an indication of health as well as straight teeth and soft skin. But the idea that a small nose is “cute” is subjective. It’s a learned response. When I was a kid, I saw a white actress on the cover of a book. She had a thin nose and thin lips and I actually felt pity for her. I felt like she was the plainest, saddest thing I ever saw. She was a huge star and you would recognize her name now. I thought Michael Jackson was absolutely gorgeous (pre any surgery at all whatsoever). We are TRAINED, folks, to believe that small noses are beautiful. The Chinese used to bind women’s feet until they were deformed. They considered these misshapen, deformed feet beautiful. Most of us today would consider them grotesque. Back in the Renaissance period, artists depicted women as beautiful that we would send straight to the gym. You don’t have to feel guilty if you want a nose job, but please don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that our responses as black people to our traditional, West African noses is some natural thing, uninfluenced by our time spent as second class and subordinate citizens in North America. I know that through constant inundation by the media, that I no longer have a “repulsed” feeling towards people with no noses and little lips. I saw too many commercials, well-lit movies with nice soaring music and white people acting like heroes and amazing lovers for me to not think of white people as attractive. Not seeing black people on the screen in such great lighting and nice settings, year after year of my upbringing has an effect on me, and it probably has an effect on you too. White people have the power to dictate to us what is beautiful and what is not because they control the media. They cast the “acceptable” black people (acceptable to them) and we do not get a chance to see a black, broadnosed, full lipped, nappy haired person being heroic, romantic, and altogether fascinating in anything near the same way that we see white people in those settings. And thus we become alienated from our West African lineage. We become divorced from our innate self love. And we blithely say that white, Northern European and Western European noses are naturally, God-ordained symbols of “cuteness”. Wake up.

  28. Qamran

    We aren’t ‘trained’ to believe anything. Everyone has a different perception of beauty and, no, we don’t always learn that from tv. Another thing: just because something is ‘natural’ it doesn’t mean it’s automatically pretty. Lots of guys are naturally hairy, but not everyone thinks hairy arms and legs are sexy, some people are born with long toes and weird toenails. That’s natural, but not necessarily pretty. I personally believe big noses take the emphasis from the other features of the face and noses aren’t really a nice thing to be staring at on a person’s face (neither are ears). I’m sure that the same people complaining here are the ones always talking about how ppl should not be judged by their looks. Mxm hypocrites.

  29. LMAO!

    Oh Lawd. I am so disappointed and afraid for my children. Especially, if they have to be around people who are in pure sleep!

    Kudos to Motheroflove.

  30. lesia

    what is wrong with a black person getting a nose job? why do they have to look like europeans? some black people don’t like beauty. when whites gets sun tans, lips puffed,breast jobs, booty pads,who are they looking like?. And if blacks are trying to look caucasian who are caucasians trying to look like when they get nose jobs. millions a year. Blacks need to stop fault finding their on race. something that whites never do. black women are beautiful. this is not slavery. black women who dips in others business , get a mirrow.please. then sHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Well I Am Afro American And I Am From Los Angeles And I feel as A Woman Of Color That It is Nothing Wrong With People Getting There Nose Done If It Makes Them Feel Better Why Not Do It Who are They Hurting No one I Feel That Black People Are Not Trying To Be White If They get There Nose Done Or Breast Done Or What Ever The case May Be As Long As The Person Who Got The surgery Know At The End Of The Day You Are Still Black And You Can’t Rid Of That

  32. bryan

    my nose got broken twice as a kid and it was crazy messed up. i couldn’t breathe and it looked crooked as heck. got it fixed and i am very happy i can breathe etc.

  33. Mi'me

    To say BLACKS THAT GET RHINOPLASTYS ARE TRYING TO LOOK WHITE is just stupid. Especially considering that white noses are long, pointy and alot of times crooked. Hell there are more whites fixing their noses than blacks, so what does that tell ya? My sister and dad both have the most perfect noses, and neither of theirs are slim, long or pointy.

  34. delena

    Let’s be honest here, the majority of pple who get plastic surgery are white women. They get 90 percent of this country’s plastic surgery. Nose jobs, face lifts butt, lips and breast enhancement, laser jobs, skin resurfacing, hair weaves, foot, ankle and calf reduction. Hair dyed blonde and straightened (don’t get it twisted, there r PLENTY od white ppl who have kinky hair), tanning. So when u talking about ppl who HATE the way they look, you r talking about white ppl. Tell the truth for once!!!

  35. Ilvana

    I mean seriously people GET OVER IT, who hasn’t gone under the knife in holly wood. BLACKS, WHITES, YELLOWS, is not a matter of color. Is a matter of feeling the best you can. Life is one, has to be lived to the fullest, they aren’t hurting anyone, I support bistury 100% lol

  36. Jazzmina

    I am a person who has a rather flat and african nose. At first it really bothered me, especially as a child because my classmates and even my family would make fun of me. It really hurt, but as an adult I have grown to accept it. We as human beings have a right to our own opinions and actions, therefore I am not against plastic surgery. However my belief is rather philosophical. We did not create ourselves, a higher power did. He created regions that contrast on so many scientific levels and for a certain purpose. And then he created people in much of the same respect. Who are we to judge what is beautiful or not, if we did not have any thing to do with creating it. People, places or tangible objects are given certain features, properties, and characteristics for a reason. We as human beings have destroyed what is natural and beautiful only to create something synthetic and useless. Thats why the world is what it is today, with the destruction of th beautiful earth (trees, rivers, oceans) and in return the production of cancer, aids, toxic gases etc. Secondly an “opinion” is only what it is:an opinion. It holds no weight unless it is given power. Moreover you can’t hate what you didn’t create.

  37. beyonce is the biggest star in the earth before and after the surgery ❤ queen b ❤


  38. ali

    IF you been called Ugly, Pinocchio, Monkey-Looking, and many other things then you would understand why people get nose jobs. Having a masculine nose as a women is hard! I know because I’ am one of them. I can’t leave my house without getting laughed at and going places is a chore, instead of being fun and getting out. If I get plastic surgery it will be because I want to look good for myself and have the confidence I always had before I got married and had five pregnancies and four live births, separation, and many other things. I still continue to pray to God that he will help me with all my decisions Thanks for reading!

  39. ali

    No one can judge another let God be God!

  40. Lilianna

    WTF? I’m black and I have a “thinner nose”. My nose was rounder and flatter in childhood, the older I got, the longer and slimmer my nose grew along with high cheekbones. It’s called growing up. Little Kim, obviously had a nose job and some of those girls are contouring with a makeup brush and highlighting.

    I’m black with two black “brown skin” parents with “slimmer” noses like mine. I’m pretty sure we didn’t go under the knife. My sister who is the color of Tisha from ‘Martin’ has a wider nose but light eyes and very light long curly hair and larger lips than me. I myself am caramel with a “slimmer nose” , “slimmer lips” but dark dark eyes, with dark reddish brown curly hair that used to be long before I cut it. Seriously, blacks can have all features. Learn your about your phenotypes.

  41. PDOG

    what ever makes you feel better and self confident about yourself then you should do it.

  42. Lisa Fields

    I’m a forty something woman who had a nose job because I had a huge nose that was out of scale with my face with a large bump (I called it a ski slope) that I wanted to change for years. So when the opportunity presented itself I got a rhinoplasty to proportion my nose to compliment my other facial features. I’m glad I did it and I’m very happy with my decision. I had a wonderful surgeon and he made sure that my final results looked natural and not like I went under the knife. If anyone chooses to get surgery, I only suggest they really think about it long and hard and find the right surgeon who will listen to their concerns and work with them to make the right choice, whether it’s full on surgery, some other non-invasive procedure or a non-surgical way of embracing what they already have.

    At the end of the day, some things are just personal decisions that people make for themselves and I don’t blame them or beat them up if they chose to enhance or alter their appearance, it’s again a personal choice. Not political but personal.

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