Support Megan Williams: National March Against Hate Crimes and Racism

support megan williamsWhen: Saturday, November 3, 2007 12:00 Noon (Pre-March Rally to begin at 10 A.M.)

Where: March begins at First Baptist Church 423 Shrewsbury St, Charleston, WVA 25301 and Marchers will proceed to Charleston WVA State Capitol Building for National Rally

Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ)
Malik Shabazz, Esq. (Attorney for Megan Williams and the Williams’ Family)
Phone: 202-397-4577 Local: (304) 657-1493

March Purpose:
To bring national and statewide support to Charleston resident Megan Williams, the Williams Family, and victims of other hate crimes nationwide. The Jena 6 case, the rise in the hanging of nooses, and other current acts of racially motivated injustice and intimidation against Blacks/African Americans will all be highlighted at this National March against Hate Crimes. Families and victims of hate crimes that are occurring throughout the nation will attend. Black Lawyers For Justice, the Williams Family and organizers are demanding that Federal Hate Crimes charges as well as State hate crime charges be brought in the Williams’ case. We are also demanding, with the assistance of the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional hearings on hate crimes against Black residents as well a wide range of actions to combat the growing attacks on Blacks in America.

Who are the Organizers?
The primary organizers for the march are Black Lawyers for Justice (BLFJ) and the Support Committee for Megan Williams. This march will be endorsed by at least 100 Black organizations, student groups, clergy, and leaders of every stripe.


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8 responses to “Support Megan Williams: National March Against Hate Crimes and Racism

  1. Good lookin’ out! Thanx for sharing this information with your blog readers!

    peace, Villager

  2. Patricia

    I am from Uganda, Africa, the Whole Williams thing is really very unfortunate, I feel very dissapointed that this can happen in this day and age. I used to ask my self what is wrong with our world but I dont anymore, it is too much to deal with. I just got off the news and i was listening to how some petty thiefs, shot and killed one of Africa’s greatest stars – Lucky Dube, right in front of his kid. and then i find a forward about the williams case in my mailbox. My prayer is that God will comfort and strengthen the Williams family and that they will find hope and a better future,
    As for the suspects – Vengence is mine says the Lord.
    We shall over come
    We shall over come
    We shall over come some day
    deep in my heart, i do believe
    We shall over come some day.

  3. wvsky

    I’m for ANY roadblocks that can stand in the way of this stupid gathering. The people here (especially the Blacks) know exactly what happened, and they see no cause for an embarrassing demonstration to ruin this states reputation any more than it already is.

    What they know is that we’re dealing with a bunch of white-trash crack heads (every holler has em) and a Black girl that was both SIMPLE… but not so simple that she didn’t have enough sense to commit several crimes herself and stay in trouble with the law.

    So what you have is two sets of troublemakers who knew each other intimately.. and as the old saying goes… ‘you lay down with dogs, and you’ll wake up with fleas. That’s what happened. It’s just that simple.

    Should the white trash be convicted to the letter of the law? Oh.. you bet! As far as I’m concerned, they can throw away the keys on that polluted genepool. But should this be blown out of proportion by a bunch of Al Sharpton wannabees? P_L_E_A_S_E! This wasnt a “hate crime”… it was a “trash crime”, and it happens here all the time. And like I said… even the local Blacks know that.

  4. Wvsky,

    So…if you are trash then you should not be defended…you should just deal with the hand your delt, and if you are victim…too bad because you are trash?!?!!?!

    No wonder West Virginia has a ruined reputation as you say if that is the opinion of it’s citizens. However, I’m sure it’s not.

  5. Cami B

    This is in response to wvsky.

    “I’m for ANY roadblocks that can stand in the way of this stupid gathering. The people here (especially the Blacks) know exactly what happened, and they see no cause for an embarrassing demonstration to ruin this states reputation any more than it already is.”

    Are you serious? On what planet is it okay for anybody to torture and abuse someone the way that Megan was abused? I don’t give a damn about what crimes she may or may not have committed at any given time. Where is the humanity? This young woman was held hostage, raped multiple times by multiple people. Her hair was litterally yanked from her scalp in patches that will probably not grow back. She was stabbed, beaten and made to eat feces. Yet because she is not what you would consider a perfect cititzen we should not be outraged by the otrosities she had to endure? Who do you think you are anyway? To call her simple or trash. Who are you? Do you know her personally? Even if you did you have no right to judge anybody. This young woman will have to deal with this for the rest of her life. No matter what punishment these maniacs recieve it’s won’t be enough to erase what happened to her. Have you ever been raped? Because she had prevoiusly been involved with one of the suspects does that give him free reign over her body for all time? Does that make it okay for him to violate her like that? And what about his family members who violated her? I am speaking from experience, I know first hand that mentally and emotionally she will never be the same. I was kidknapped, raped and beaten by my abusive ex. Because I had been previously in a relationship with him did that make it okay for him to abuse me? And forcibly assult me? I will pray for you. I pray that you never have to be put in a similar situation in order for your outlook to be changed.

  6. dsf

    If the police were as involved as this article claims, and that should be easy to verify, then the kidnapping charges are pretty much worthless, and I am not so sure that the sexual assault charges can stand up to a trial.

    The cuts however are different. In many states, cutting another person is illegal even if the cutting and all other activities are consensual.

  7. Hello Negro,

    Reading the comments by WVSKY, let me just say he/she has been running all over the internet with this same cut-paste mentality. Several comments have been posted on my YouTube account, to the point I had to block them. The other name used is SKYWV, so please be informed. I’m pretty sick and tired of it myself. Don’t allow these ignorant comments or ignorant people to affect you.

  8. Blair

    Police say they have confessions from two of the suspects, but that the evidence, which would include the confessions, do not support hate crime charges. Megan Williams had been dating one of the suspects, Bobby Brewster, who had been charged with aggravated domestic battery against her in the past. At one point, the suspects called police to have Williams physically removed from the trailer. At the time, the police warned Williams that she would be arrested her if she ever returned to the trailer.

    The case appears to be a case of horrific domestic abuse of a mentally challenged young woman rather than a racially motivated hate crime. However, the charges are serious enough to put the defendants, who are career criminals, in prison for a very long time. See Charleston newspaper article at

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