Glamour Magazine editor “resigns” after black hair bashing

UPDATE: I posted a few months ago about the Glamour Magazine Editor who said that locs and afros were unattractive and unprofessional hairstyles at a presentation given at a NYC Law Firm.  The actual editor responsible has now been named and ‘resigned” due to the fallout.  Ashley, you should have known better and you should be a little more sensitive in the future, huh?

ABC NEWS reports: “In June, then-associate editor Ashley Baker spoke to a group of about 40 lawyers at the offices of Cleary Gottlieb in Manhattan. The idea was that Baker would offer the “dos and don’ts” of corporate fashion, so far so good. But, when Baker got to a slide showing a black woman sporting an Afro, it read “Just say no to the ‘fro.” Outrage ensued.

In the firestorm that followed, Baker was forced to resign. Glamour’s web site sports a front-page response from editor Cindi Leive that reads, in part “Glamour did not, does not, and would never endorse the comments made; we are a magazine that believes in the beauty of all women.””

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One response to “Glamour Magazine editor “resigns” after black hair bashing

  1. chughes

    Wow. Seriously?


    i don’t even know what else to say. Except that women with afros or dreadlocks or pouffy curls should not be looking to Glamour magazine for beauty tips. Actually, i don’t hink any woman should take that stuff seriously. The truest beauty, i think, is that which is real.

    But that type of magazine, along with most cosmetic firms and designers, don’t take into account the unique textures, hues and shapes of women of color. We have to by specialty items. We know this already.

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