Juanita Bynum’s home to be auctioned for unpaid taxes?

Update 10/22: Prophetess Juanita Bynum, 40, says she has paid the back taxes on the Ware County property owned by her ministry, reports the AP. The 6,748-square-foot building would have been auctioned off next month if Bynum hadn’t paid the more than $32,000 owed for property taxes. Bynum says she wants to turn the property into a spa for women.


Wait a minute, I thought she had money. What happened to the prosperity? Sell the Bentley or something. Render unto God what is God’s and unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. Don’t properous people of God pay their taxes? The amount owed is reported to just be a little more than $39,000. I would think that would be her cut of about…ummm…3 offerings at 2-3 mega churches (you know speakers get a cut…come on church folk). There was no fee involved when she was on there talk shows, TBN, or her Essence interview. Where is the $$$? Ok, let me give her the benefit of the doubt. This has been a tough couple of months…maybe she just overlooked it. I’m sure she has the dough.

I’m sure someone will throw a benefit concert or something if not.

The Associated Press – WAYCROSS, Ga.
The south Georgia home of televangelist Juanita Bynum will be auctioned off next month unless she pays nearly $39,000 in back taxes, interests and penalties.

The home, which is owned by Juanita Bynum Ministries Inc., has been advertised among the homes that will be up for sale at the county courthouse on Nov. 6, Ware County Tax Commissioner Steve Barnard told The Florida Times-Union.

Asked why the house is set to be auctioned, Barnard said: “Because she hasn’t paid the 2006 taxes on it.”

The property tax bill on the house is $32,007.56 and Bynum must also pay more than $6,944 in interest, penalties and costs, Barnard said.

Barnard said he was contacted by someone from Bynum’s Waycross office and asked how to resolve the matter. The caller agreed to pay $25,000 on the tax bill and the remainder before the tax sale, “but so far we’ve gotten only $5,000,” Barnard said.

According to tax records, the 6,748-square-foot house sits on more than 23 acres. Because Bynum does not live there, the house does not qualify for homestead exemption. Her Waycross-based ministry bought the house Aug. 18, 2006.

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One response to “Juanita Bynum’s home to be auctioned for unpaid taxes?

  1. 11-30-06
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