Black Women Love Sheriff Troy!!!!

I loved “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?” but I especially loved the guy who played Sheriff Troy.  Fine, fine, fine.  His name is Lamman Rucker and he’s got a DC connection (much love to DC…the city where I reside).  He’s a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.  For more on this beautiful, black, talented man…check out The Hot Chocolate Finder’s post on him.

lamman rucker


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2 responses to “Black Women Love Sheriff Troy!!!!

  1. I agree…Tyler Perry’s, “Why did I get Married? ” was a great film and drama, and the cast was dynamic. Not to mention the fresh new hottie “Lamman Rucker”…who has added to the scenes that Communicative, Honest, Amiable, Rooted, and Magnificent “CHARM,” personality and energy which the many “Great Black Men” we know possess. It was quite shrilled, and my heart throbbed after it.

    Peace and blessings, and always “Let it Go, and Let God!”

  2. Chavonne

    I enjoyed the movie. I like movies that portray blacks in professional roles. My favorite a male character was Troy. He is sexy….

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