5 Reasons Why People Should Leave Bill Cosby Alone

1. To say that all poor black people are crime prone, educational losers, and teen baby making machines is totally false. However, there are some criminal minded, ignorant, 4-5 baby mamma having Negroes in the world today. It’s not all true, it’s not the whole story. However, that doesn’t mean that the assumptions or opinions hold absolutely no truth.

2. I take public transportation in DC. I’ve seen and heard some of the most ignorant things come out of the mouths of children from age 7 to 19. It’s getting to the point where I question if ENGLISH is being taught in DC public schools. What I hear from these children would make the most compassionate person assume that they may at the least be uneducated…if not ignorant/special Ed. I don’t speak a loose version of English, dropping off “s” and “ed” as I please. I understand youth, and popular culture and fitting in with the crowd. However, if you sound ignorant…you sound ignorant. People make assumptions about those that they perceive as ignorant.

3. People are not taught to parent anymore and haven’t for years and years. Parenting died with my mother’s generation (she’s 58). Now pre-schools, nannys and grandmothers bring up children in their most volitile years. Who knows how to properly parent anymore? Who can stand against the ills of society and train up their child in the ways that they should go other wise? So if someone says that black children aren’t being taught how to live properly, how to conduct themselves with peace and intelligence, they might be right on some counts. It’s not the fault of the children, right. So, someone is to blame and that line is mighty, mighty, long.

4. Black people hate to hear negative, wholesale judgments of blacks as a race in the media. Add to that Cosby’s celebrity…black folks aren’t feeling it. However, black people make wholesale judgments about the race, about black children, about black parents, black crackheads, black women, black men, black inmates, black homosexuals…all day long. We laugh about ourselves. We get mad about how we treat each other and what we’re NOT doing that we should. We make wholesale judgments about black leaders, and then don’t support the causes they represent because we don’t like their actions toward the causes, as if doing nothing is better. If you don’t like what the man says, you are entitled. The real question is…are you part of the solution.

5. I don’t want people censoring me…neither do you.

Bill Cosby is a man who’s voice is being heard in America due to the controversy and discomfort that those words bring. How much more positive and uplifting would it be if those who choose to discuss his philosophy would take that energy and their criticisms and turn it all toward discussion that could actually uplift, educate, and revive the spirit of activism in the African American community? If you don’t like what he’s saying, don’t give his words your energy. The more people get mad…higher ratings for television, higher books sales..etc.

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