Video: What if the South Had Won?

“An audacious, frighteningly resonant faux documentary, CSA: The Confederate States of America asks what American culture would look like if the South had won the Civil War. Venturing a glimpse at such a world, it stimulates the experience of watching a TV special, complete with racist commericals and newsbreaks.” – Caroline Libresco

One of my favorite videos in the last 5 years (I bought the DVD…it was in Target…who would have thought), CSA: The Confederate States of America is a must see. Here’s more…


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2 responses to “Video: What if the South Had Won?

  1. christine

    i’ve seen this movie. It’s like Frontline- a historic time-table with commentary by historians.
    It’s silly and ridiculous, of course, you never know. i mean if the the South had won…

    There were these commercials in the film for items like lo-jacks for slaves.

    It made me think though, especially at the end when actual items are shown- like “Coon’s Chicken” which was an actual chicken joint and “Darkie Toothpaste”.

  2. This movie was hilarious!

    You should also check out Manderlay. It’s a movie about a plantation that is still existing 70 years after slavery ended. There is a twist to the plot that I think you will find interesting. Check it out

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