White Kids doing the Soulja Boy Dance

LMAO, Lord have mercy.   They better do that dance!  That little boy in the front…somebody needs to check his racial identity records…one drop, one drop.  He’s got rhythm!


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33 responses to “White Kids doing the Soulja Boy Dance

  1. loveisdope

    Wheeeeew! Thank you for posting this. I got a good laugh out that little boy. He was WORKIN’ it.

  2. Funny video, you know that kid has some black friends. Now, who said white people have no rhythm.

  3. Oh wow, I may not have fallen off my chair while viewing this video, if I hadn’t read your intro first. LMBO 🙂

    Great post and I’m glad to know of your site, it’s fantastic.

    Best wishes.

  4. These are all the liberals’ kids. Please believe that this would not be going down in CT suburbia or someother Waspy insulated place.

  5. rocketfuel

    lol. nice find.

  6. nah

    maw!!!!…dats hot!!..
    it made me LMAO!!…


  7. Joy

    Too funny! That little boy was on it! 🙂 Great site!

  8. sennet

    Go, little dude, go! 😀

  9. diasporasudanese

    This is great! Absolutely! Rather be couch potatoes they’re workin’ it out that just made my day.

  10. Rae

    Work it! He makes the other kids look like kids on marijuana.

  11. What is this world coming to?

  12. “check his racial identity records?” Why cuz he can dance?

    Oh yeah i forgot all white people have no rythm and only black people can dance. Goofy white boy high five for the awesome stereotype!

    What does it make you if you are black and can’t dance? White? I guess you’d have to hit up the Registry of Racial Records and judge on an individual basis.

  13. Every stereotype holds some truth. Don’t get it twisted. Everybody gets joked on here at Hello, Negro. Love

  14. dee

    these kids can really dance, they getting good exexcise too

  15. Sheeple Herder

    Ghetto Fabulous. Those black folks sure can dance better than those white folks.

    Thanks for the insight. It’s nice to see young Urban minds at work.

  16. damn they can definately crank dat!!!!go white people,

    white people 4 life!!!!!!!!!!! dont worry niggas we still got love 4 yaw to

  17. Bee

    Wow, I wonder what little billy’s mom thinks
    Damn BET I bet lol!!!

  18. ngalanjala

    nuh uh, you guys are missing the littel girl in the middle. She was shakin’ her booty betta than Beyonce. Go ‘head lil sis!

  19. Nakima Grant

    My son’s dance moves remind me that of Carlton Banks from the tv sitcom, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”…I was wondering, uh…if, umm…the liitle dude on that video clip could help him out a little bit?! lol

  20. Tierney

    Aww..thats my video!.. of my lil bro Brennen n his classmates in dance..

  21. rido777

    Eh yo…Good quiz over at Blender.com, just caught it. Figured I’d share cause of the soulja boy topic…


  22. Jessica

    OMG! Now that makes my day! They were all workin’ it… Thanks for posting this 🙂

  23. jfrync

    ummmm, do any of you guys know what “superman dat hoe” means?! its a freakin’ sexual act!! a nasty ass sexual act!! why are these kids dancing to this!! ….. but its fucking hilarious!! hahahaha!

  24. earllene

    you are crazy somebody need to check his nationalty because he rip them

  25. You’re late jfrync…I posted about that this morning. 🙂

  26. Keebee

    Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Little Blaine in the front is off the chain! I needed that laugh this morning. Thanks to whoever posted this!

  27. chris

    i think that kid taught soulja boy how to do his dance.

  28. Connie-Jo Hall

    I’m not sure what to make of it.

  29. K

    If these parents had any idea what the lyrics are actually about they would not be letting their kids do it….

    Look it up and you decide if your 6 year old should be dancing around doing the soulja boy….with the superman cape…

  30. Mo

    I agree K, we need to stop glorifying this type of crap. It’s disgusting that this mess is acceptable and not to mention a #1 song.

  31. Mica

    That was too cute. I love it. Soulja boy is definitely the joint and those kids got rhythm. Lil man in the front definitely does it better than me lol.

  32. shannon

    Why is it ok for black people to make racist assumptions and expect white people to not get upset? If a white person said “oh there goes a black girl, she must be on welfare”, then that would be way to wrong. I am the mother of a biracial daughter and honestly it is hard to raise her without hearing it or seeing it somewhere. How come blacks get there own tv channel (BET) but if we had (wet) white entertainment, than we would be discriminating by not including blacks. Lets enter the year 2008 and grow up. I know a lot of whites that can dance and a lot of blacks that can’t. look around and dont be so judgemental

  33. shamy

    i hate soulja boy

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