Black Hair Care equals $$$ for “The Other Man”

The Black Hair Project wants to know…

Are you now buying your health and beauty supplies from your local drugstore or grocer? Are those products manufactured or distributed by those who share our culture, or MORE IMPORTANTLY, do any of the dollars associated with your purchase come back to YOUR community? Do these businesses support your schools, churches, and businesses? Do they buy your calendars, artwork, etc., or patronize your restaurant or other small business? Do they circulate discount coupons in YOUR neighborhood; place a banner of support for your causes in their place of business?”

Black hair is big business and the people who spend money on products should consider these issues when they purchase products and buy from businesses who are making money in the African American community.

Here is some information about the Black Beauty Supply Association

:: BBSA is the Black Beauty Supply Association, dedicated to helping African-Americans regain ownership of the Black Hair industry businesses. Primarily Koreans control this $4 billion dollar industry, once dominated by African-Americans. They’ve come into our neighborhoods and now sell products for our hair to us, while disrespecting us as customers.

If anyone doubts the seriousness of the current situation, you need only look at two videos that show in vivid detail who owns the industry. The video is the result of extensive research by Aron Ranen, both in the U.S. and London, England. The exact same situation exists in both locations – The Black Hair industry is being run by other than African-Americans. In the U.S., it is the Koreans. In London, owners are primarily East Indian. See what’s going on in the U.S. here, and in London here.

It’s time to take action.

BBSA’s first goal is to educate people about the potential for hope and prosperity through the creation of a network of Black owned beauty supply stores. Some have stated a goal of opening 100 stores in 100 days; that isn’t going to happen by itself. They have to be funded. We don’t expect a knight in shining armor to come through the door and turn back the clock. BBSA’s aim is to organize people within communities across American so that the goal of re-gaining control of the industry – including owning 100 stores in 100 days, ultimately becomes a reality.

There is no cost to join BBSA. This is a Micro-Economic grass-roots Civil Rights movement. We aim to help communities All across the U.S. to take back the business set up by Madame C. J. Walker so many years ago.

Our plan is simple. Right now beauty salon and barbershop owners around the U.S. are separated from each other. Each suffers ins silence, alone. BBSA is changing that through a common database that brings people together by community, state, and nationally through a shared database.

To read the BBSA plan…click here. Be sure to pass this info on to your hairdresser, loctician, barber, etc.


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3 responses to “Black Hair Care equals $$$ for “The Other Man”

  1. Kristie

    This is great news. I’m glad to see our race form a cohesive organization to regain our economic future and independence. I hope this is passed on to every african american around the world. I’ll certainly do my part to let my circle of influences know.

  2. I support the plan, but I hope we don’t start demonizing the groups who saw a market and seized it. Are we mad we didn’t see the marketing potential first?

  3. loveisdope

    I always buy products from black owned businesses who use all natural ingredients.

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