Hate Crime Halloween: Picture of Hanging Man on Pumpkin

pumpkin racist

In my home state of Kansas, LeRon Berry’s anger has turned into worry for his family after finding a pumpkin covered with racial slurs, a drawing of hanged person, a death threat and white-power sayings slammed into his 1984 Delta 88.

Berry said he believes his family was targeted because his wife, Misty Hadenstien, is white and he is black. The couple have a 17-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter.

“I just don’t understand, from all these years, this color thing and how it’s still so alive,” said Berry, who moved his family to Wichita from the Kansas City area about a year ago. “I just would hope that everybody wakes up and people see that, even in nice communities like this, bad things can happen.”

As of September, police have investigated eight hate crimes: six anti-black, one anti-Hispanic and one anti-white.

Source & Photo: Kansas.com


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2 responses to “Hate Crime Halloween: Picture of Hanging Man on Pumpkin

  1. I just can’t believe people are still so ignorant. It makes me sad. Until I watch Mind of Mencia, where it suddenly becomes funny. Life is strange like that.

  2. EdwardG

    Wow…new lows.

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