Prince Momment: Lil Wayne’s new CD cover?

If this was some soul artist or rock artist’s CD art…no one would care. However, this cover is creating quite a buzz online. I really don’t think this is the actual cover. This is the alleged cover (i.e. it may not be the real one)…lol…and that is actually kinda funny.

the carter III

I think Lil Wayne knows what he’s doing. This cover alone will generate a ton of publicity and in this day and age there is no such thing as bad pub. He’s just having a Prince moment. That color is just Photoshop’d on, he doesn’t actually have makeup on. AND, if he did…I really don’t care.


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10 responses to “Prince Momment: Lil Wayne’s new CD cover?

  1. Stacey

    I am a huge Lil Wayne fan and no matter what the cover looks like, you have to admit that man makes so good music. The lyrics of his songs says some real true things, but most people only focus on the negative. Regardless of what the cover looks like, he’s till going to go platinum on this album.

  2. If the cover is real, then I think that Lil Wayne knew what he was doing. Which was something different to bring to the rap industry for cd covers, because that shows that a man would be real enough to put on some makeup and for it bring out the tattoos on his eyes. Since the cover is black and white, it’s just to plain but with the makeup it brings out all the shades of his eyes and lips. Lil Wayne is the best now and whatever he does, he know that he can do whatever because he is the best. So therefore if the cover is real, I believe he just wanted to bring some flavor along with his music…it’s something that is very interesting!!!!

  3. Jazmine

    Lil wayne is the best and we all know it and he knows it. With make-up or not i love his music he’s a real N!99@ and people are gon hate. Lil wayne knows what he’s doin; he succeds in everything he does.

  4. Lil wayne is hottttt i like his song Lollipop its soo awsome..He is the best rapper ever i want to meet him in real life he is the hottest rapper i ever saw he can sing realli good..i love his sooonnnggg…LOLLIPOP!!!!

  5. hi baby i love that shit

  6. I dont think the covers real and if it is let Lil Wayne do him. You cant be successful without haters his music is whats poppin. All my man Wayne can say is HI HATER!

  7. lilly

    uhm that’s not the real cover, hate to break it to you guys. someone just photshopped the color. the real one is just black. lil wayne IS the best rapper alive, and he’s my effing hero.

  8. i ♥ lil wayne and i am his future wife lil wqyne call me ??? ??? ???? (LOL)

  9. john

    Wow this is so gay, what’s next? him kissing other men? oh wait, he already did

  10. dont be doing him like dat i dnt play dat he look to good. so if you think you need to do him like dat do ya damn self.

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