You are the FATHER!! Well, maybe not…

The Blogosphere is buzzing with news that Maury’s Paternity test shows may not be Real.


Surprise, Surprise…duh!  Well, I know many black people love watching those shows.  Too bad, you’ll have to lump them in with Wrestling and other live action television fiction.

Here’s what MediaTakeOut is saying… has learned that Maury’s talk show is caught in its very own paternity scandal. According to tabloid reports, guests on his popular Paternity Test episodes are frequently acting.

Last year, a guest named Lashana appeared on Mary’s show looking to find the father of her son Jeremiah. But Lashana is now claiming her appearance was a complete fraud.

According to Lashana, she contacted Maury’s producers and asked to give three men paternity tests, but they all declined. The show’s producers then reportedly convinced Lashana to find any other man she knew and bring him on the show.

When Lashana found a man Anthony, she told producers that he wasn’t the father of her son. But the producers didn’t seem to mind. They just drafted up a script for Lashana and Anthony to recite on stage.

According to Lashana’s mother, the entire appearance was scripted. She was quoted as saying, “Everything was scripted. Anthony had to call Lashana a whore and swear he wasn’t the father. Lashana had to cry and I had to be mad at Anthony … and when Maury opened the DNA envelope and reveal that Anthony wasn’t the father, he had to jump around and do cartwheels.”


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4 responses to “You are the FATHER!! Well, maybe not…

  1. Damn amateurs getting all the good acting jobs! LOL

  2. This is a “ho hum” to me. I mean how long have those shows been going? Who would seriously this far out agree to be on one of those shows when you KNOW it’s all high drama, a crazy audience, lots of screaming and a big dose of public humilation?

    I wouldn’t say I thought it was fake. I just never bothered to think of the “you are the father” shows much at all.

  3. ::gasp:: get out of here! lol. i’m with you. while some of the people are just trifling, it’s pretty obvious that many of those people are faking. the producers at the Maury show also must be using the same script since 1997, because every paternity episode is pretty much the same. No writers on strike there!

  4. It is not the type of show nor the type of actors that shoukd be the concern, it is what does this type of show do for our young African American girls, teens, women, etc? It hasn’t stopped them from still getting pregnant at a young age. It is all degrading. Who really cares who the father of someone’s child is if the mom did not have enough self-esteem and character to 1) keep her legs closed, 2) wait until she was married to have sex, 3) have God in her life, 4) not think that getting pregnant would help her to keep the guy, 5) etc.
    I am sure a show to help educate these people (men and women who put themselves in a position like this) would not go over too well. I think this is what is needed.

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