Reality TV: Big Brother Africa

I didn’t even know there was a Big Brother Africa…and they are on the third season. And…the prize is only $100,000, however that’s a lot of money in most African countries. If they showed this show in the states…on cable…I would watch. I think it would be interesting to see how African brothers and sistas deal with they type of reality show scenario.

The official website says…”The African continent has witnessed three successful BB versions since 2001. Big Brother South Africa, Big Brother Africa I and Big Brother Nigeria which saw lasting friendships being formed and romances blossomed. There was laughter, tears, emotion and intrigue. Showdowns and drama galore – but a whole heap of good times too.

Ferdinand Rabie emerged winner in the BB South Africa. Last year (2006) Endemol SA produced a version of the series in Nigeria. A collaboration between Nigerian and South African production teams, it aired on DStv Channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, and in a twist to the game, two new contestants were introduced on Day 22, much to the excitement of the remaining Housemates.

Big Brother added another twist to the game on day 79 by canceling the day’s scheduled nominations and making the house mates believe they will instead be evicted based on their performances on assigned tasks while in reality no more evictions were held and viewers began voting for the winner, who turned out to be 26 year-old Katung Aduwak. He took home a prize of $100 000 (US).

And in the previous African version of the smash franchise, seven men and five women competed for the prize of $50 000 in what turned out to be a hit across the continent. The contestants had to endure 106 days of living with other people, weekly tasks, nominations and evictions, with eleven of the contestants evicted and only one remaining as winner of Big Brother Africa. Zambia’s Cherise Makubale snatched the grand prize. And now, BBA it’s back, for a synapse-tweaking second series of unexpected action.

However, the Big Brother format in some countries has been adapted to feature locally known celebrities: Celebrity Big Brother. Recently the UK’s version hit the headlines globally after competitor Shilpa Shetty was subjected to bullying, allegedly with undertones of racism, particularly from fellow Housemate Jade Goody. The show attracted the largest ever number of public complaints to the UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

Now the absorbing Big Brother spectacle is back on screen – and in African homes once more… Remember that no-one – not the Housemates, not the public, not even Big Brother – can predict what’s going to happen in the House. And that is what Big Brother is all about!”

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