This lil boy has watched too much Beyonce!

Nothing is wrong with men dancing…I have a friend who studied at Alvin Alley.  However, I hope this young man has some male role models as well.  He is getting it…dancing just like the video


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15 responses to “This lil boy has watched too much Beyonce!

  1. Keebee

    He couldn’t learn a Chris Brown video?

  2. Dee

    This is to much… I wonder how his dad feels about the video. lol

  3. super-v

    proof that it takes two to raise a child

  4. Kittyhummerkitty

    Dee-This is to much… I wonder how his dad feels about the video. lol

    KittyHummer: His father is probably absent. The video is disgusting.

  5. I couldn’t watch more than 15 seconds…that was more than enough. Our babies deserve better. The adults in this child’s life need to stop smokin’ that shit.

  6. Jen

    Frankly, no child should dance like Beyonce. Ever. And no parent should tape their child for cheap entertainment. That’s how Britney Spears happened…

  7. Diva Brown

    wow wee…….that was deep. poor lil boy, he don’t know any better. now his mama and/or daddy(who must be a gay sperm donor) need to be slapped!!! this is just wrong…..funny as hell, but wrong. we are all going to hell in a handbasket.

  8. Connie-Jo Hall

    I hope he seeks a career in theater or dance. Great emulator and performer.
    I’ll leave worrying about his sexual orientation up to his parents or guardians.

  9. there ain’t nothin wrong wit him doing this, i mean its not like he’s gunna do it 4 a living. I love Beyonce n when i was younger i used to do all the Destinys Child dances n Spice Girls but as u get older u look back at those things n laugh. So leave him alone in 4 years he won’t even care about Beyonce.

  10. Lol…you don’t know what that lil boy is going to do for a living. He can dance for a living if he wants to…lol!

  11. Classy

    I’m appaled. Who in their right mind tape this????This is not cute. Teach him to become a young man. Not a girlie.

  12. superwoman

    I think we should all pray for this baby. Everyone “Head down, eyes closed”. Poor confused little gir (boy).It is apparent that he has no father in the household or on the block.

  13. Prayerful

    This is all the proof any single parent needs. This BOYS father couldnt possibly be in his life. Ladies even if you dont have the father in your SONS life, GET THEM A MALE MENTOR. Its true “we can do it by ourselves” and we have, but we dont have to.

  14. Keith

    Where is this boys father?

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