Money for the Jena Six Missing???

Leave it to Bill O’Reilly…sigh. He’s raising questions about where money raised for the Jena Six and their legal defense has gone. Here’s some of his comments from his Nov 14 broadcast:

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: “Impact” segment tonight, you may remember the case of the Jena Six. African-American high school students charged with beating a white student after a racial incident at Jena High School, in Arkansas.Reverend Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders rallied to assist the six students. And reports say about $500,000 was raised for their defense.

Now there are questions about where that money has gone. Pictures of defendant Robert Bailey with $100 bills have surfaced on the Net. Two other defendants appeared well heeled at a music awards event they traveled to.”

He had the guy who broke the story for the Chicago Tribune on his show (Transcript). The Tribune is reporting that…

Just weeks after some 20,000 demonstrators protested what they decried as unequal justice aimed at six black teenagers in the Louisiana town of Jena, controversy is growing over the accounting and disbursing of at least $500,000 donated to pay for the teenagers’ legal defense.

Parents of the “Jena 6” teens have refused to publicly account for how they are spending a large portion of the cash, estimated at up to $250,000, that resides in a bank account they control.

Michael Baisden, a nationally syndicated black radio host who is leading a major fundraising drive on behalf of the Jena 6, has declined to reveal how much he has collected. Attorneys for the first defendant to go to trial, Mychal Bell, say they have yet to receive any money from him.

Meanwhile, photos and videos are circulating across the Internet that raise questions about how the donated money is being spent. One photo shows Robert Bailey, one of the Jena 6 defendants, smiling and posing with $100 bills stuffed in his mouth. Another shows defendants Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis modeling like rap stars at the Black Entertainment Television Hip-Hop music awards last month in Atlanta.

The teenagers’ parents have strongly denied that they have misused any of the donated money. Bailey’s mother, for example, insisted that the $100 bills shown in the photograph were cash her son had earned as a park maintenance worker.

It’s just like Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunamis and other tragedies…people will take advantage and fool the giving public into thinking that they represent interests who are raising money to help, when in fact they are phony and pocketing the funds. It happens all the time. There are organizations that have been transparent in their fund raising for the Jena Six, such as Color of Change. The Tribune article says, “Only one national civil rights group, Color of Change, has fully disclosed how the $212,000 it collected for the Jena 6 via a massive Internet campaign has been distributed. The grass-roots group, which has nearly 400,000 members, has posted images of canceled checks and other signed documents on its Web site showing that all but $1,230 was paid out in October in roughly equal amounts to attorneys for the Jena youths.”


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4 responses to “Money for the Jena Six Missing???

  1. Andunett

    SHAME! On those inscient boys…hundreds in their mouths!?

  2. superwoman

    These boys should have had an overseer to distribute the funds in the appropriate manner. It is too bad that their parents were not able to handle this task.

  3. Cami B

    I have mixed feelings about the entire Jena 6 situation. First of all I feel that if you commit a crime you need to be punished. True enough, the boys were allegedly instigated by the use of racial slurs by the beating victim. But do I think they were right in beating that boy? No, absolutely not. I believe in fighting when it’s self defense, but in jumping that boy they committed a crime. Attempted murder? No, Assault would probably have been more fitting. I did feel that any sentence they would have gotten from being charged with attempted murder would have been too severe for what they did. But nevertheless, they should have had to face consequences for what they did, period. I think the fact that the protest in Jena took place on the scale that it did and all the media coverage took away from the fact that these boys committed a crime. No one should have looked at them or treated them as if they were perfect angels being charged of doing something they were innocent of. And as far as the money goes? There should have been a cap placed on what money would be accepted as donation for their legal defense. Otherwise they would keep whatever was left and why? Are they deserving of free money? Donations? Rewards? For what? Assaulting somebody? Being turned into heroes because they fought someone for using racial slurs? And this whole issue of where the money went just proves my point. There was more than enough money raised for their legal defense. Any other money recieved should have been put in a trust for them to use to get a college education. Not just handed over to them to play with, waste and make fools of themselves and every person who donated money to what they thought was a good cause. This kind of thing is what makes people not want to help anybody. It is a shame when people take advantage of what was meant to be help to someone who they thought needed it. Where is the donation fund for actual victims? Where are the donation funds for Megan Williams and the mother and child gang raped in Florida? While thousands marched in Jena shouting free the Jena Six.

  4. Blair

    Should’t some of the donated funds go to pay the medical bills for the victim of the Jena Six beating beating? His attorneys estimate the medical bills at between $12,000 and $14,000. According to bloggers, the victim’s family has no medical insurance.

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