37% of Black People Aren’t Black Anymore

I didn’t get this memo…and I doubt White America got it either. LOL Juan Williams reports in his column (www.sacbee.com)…

Conventional wisdom about black America is being turned on its head. Nearly two out of five black people (37 percent) surveyed in a new Pew poll, done in association with NPR, said that blacks “can no longer be thought of as a single race.”

Only half of all black people in the country (53 percent) say it is possible to think of blacks as one race. And young black Americans – ages 18 to 29 – are more likely than older blacks to say that blacks are no longer a single race.

The growing perception of two races is really a divide over values.

More than half of all Americans – people of all colors – believe that the values of poor and middle-class blacks are becoming more different. When the question is limited to black people, the answer is even more definitive: 61 percent say values are now more different between middle-class and poor blacks. The perception of a class divide in black America has increased nearly 20 points since a similar question was asked of black people in 1986.

So, in a nutshell, middle class blacks feel they are so disconnected to “lower” class, poorer blacks that they want to be defined (self-define) as a separate race?  What?  As if we needed another reason for division.  It’s a good article…read the rest here.

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One response to “37% of Black People Aren’t Black Anymore

  1. I intend to become a subscriber. This is the Black newspaper electronically reincarnated. Our Black youth need to read this and be aware. I am so glad my friend sent this to me.

    Muriel Stone Nolen
    Kyfox1@aol.com (Preferred email to be used)

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