Mother sued for blogging about discrimination at daughter’s school

Whatever happened to free speech??? More who are using the internet to vent their frustrations are being sued (anti-defamation) by those they trash. This has even effected parents who complain about poor school performance and environment.

“Late last month an Orlando, Fla., mother blogged about her 7-year-old daughter’s private school, which she claimed discriminated against “mixed-raced” students and generally made her child unhappy.

When the New School of Orlando got wind of the Sonjia McSween’s blog, it sued her for defamation for claiming that the school had a “kickback” scheme arranged with a psychologist.

McSween could not be reached for comment.

“This has nothing to do with someone not liking a school or not liking their treatment,” said David Simmons, the lawyer representing the prep school, who brushed aside the notion that the school was just unhappy about the negative attention. “It has everything to do with the allegations that there was a kickback scheme that she has no basis for. We are suing her to make her stop.”” –

You know black people LOVE to put their kids in private school. Love, Love, Love. Well, you better just gossip and spread your opinion via phone and lip, huh??? Good old fashioned trashing a good name. LOL

As a blogger, of course I feel that i should be able to say whatever I feel…within the generally accepted rule of law of course. I’m not trying to be sued, but I’m also not trying to be censored or bullied. Visit this article from ABC News to learn about other cases of consumers and parents being sued.

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One response to “Mother sued for blogging about discrimination at daughter’s school

  1. They won’t have to jail bloggers like in other countries. Bloggers over here are self censoring, will censor each other if the shit goes too far. We see where the line in the sand has been drawn. Many/most will never cross it, will never make an electronic revolution with all the combined force to make change. Won’t happen. Already done been blocked. Yeah, it is back to the phone and the coffee house, I guess. 🙂

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