Study shows African-Americans add $44.7 billion to state economy

From the UNC News Services – click here for article

North Carolina’s growing African-American population contributes more than $44.7 billion to the state’s economy through its purchases and taxes – $22,272 per black resident – while costing the state budget $4.5 billion – or $2,498 per black resident – for health care, education and corrections, according to a new report by researchers at UNC.

If recent growth trends continue, the total economic impact of black spending in the state could increase to $60 billion by 2009.

These were among key findings of “The Economic Impact of the African American Population on the State of North Carolina,” a new report that details the impact of African-American spending and employment, state government costs for education, health care and corrections and ways North Carolina can better capitalize economically on its significant African-American population.

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