Robert Gray and Keisha Williams’s engagement: Remember the Ritz

keisha and robert

Here’s their story. To see the slide show of this Atlanta couple’s lavish engagement that became a viral internet wonder and online smash hit, Remember the Ritz, visit

They now have a new website, See their blog page for the link to their article on Oprah’s website.
Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography

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48 responses to “Robert Gray and Keisha Williams’s engagement: Remember the Ritz

  1. Sigh, I’m torn on this. While it was very very romantic, just the thought of renting out my house and sleeping on my sisters floor for over a year to pay for 10 rooms at the RITZ-CARLTON and a custom platinum/diamond wedding band for a wedding proposal is just a little absurd for me. If all this was done for the proposal, the wedding is going to be ridiculous. I wonder what their professions are?

  2. T

    He gets props for the simple fact he took it back to romance. That’s part of the problem with relationships now. We lost the romance, love and new inventive ways to express them. Most men don’t even listen to love songs anymore. For a young man, he did good!

  3. @T,

    yea I agree. That’s why i wasnt too hard. it was dreamy and romantic (in addition to f-in expensive) 😉

  4. Dyalelah Rodriguez

    I love how Mr. Gray appreciated his intended bride and showed it publically. He is a hero in my eyes. She is so lucky to be the person who has won his heart, love, and trust. It takes courage to do what he did and if the man I’m in love with now were to do that for me, I’d cry through the entire ordeal. There would be a flood of tears as wide as the Grand Canyon is deep.

    He put the hush the voices that say Black men don’t know how to treat a woman. Evidently Mr. Gray does! I know he is a man of God because a man of God will go the extra mile to show his love.

    This story is like something out of a fairy tale except this fair tale came true!

    I pray this couple experience the happiness God has intended to be in a true loving marriage and that they will never part till they are called home!

    I love this and many are still talking about it today! I was on the bus and a woman was going off about this and this is after a year since I’ve seen it. WOW! That says it all!

  5. MRG

    I think the most important thing that we should celebrate is two young black people who are in love. There does not appear to be any baby mama or daddy drama. They don’t look or act ghetto. He has taken the time to surround his future bride in love, family and God (through prayer). He took the time and consideration to THINK and SHOW this woman that she was his queen and worth ANY sacrifice. He showed other Black men that it is okay to LOVE and RESPECT black women. I can ONLY hope that my sons LOVE and RESPECT their wives as much as this man has shown that he does. Money is just that, money. It comes and it goes. You can’t take it with you, but you CAN show the people you love how much they mean to you at the time they are with you. I’d rather he spent HIS money bringing joy to the lives of those around him than spending it on her casket should she have died. Love people and take the time to spread joy while they are in front of you. I just lost a friend at 36 years of age. I’m sure she would have loved to have had just an iota of this joy before she died.

  6. steve

    Im at at a lost for words, that brother is on point. I wish I half the game he had to put that together

  7. Anissa

    It is not very often that we see a young, successful, SAVED man so cemented and sincere in his walk with Christ that with the most important decision of his life-marriage-he was inspired by most romantic book ever written………..the Song of Solomon. Robert literally wrote the vision (he kept a journal – something I do myself), made it clear and he followed through. I pray a hedge fence of protection on their lives and their marriage that no weapon formed will prosper. I wish them every and all success.

  8. Miss C.

    I just seen this video @ work, rushed home to look it up and WATCH IT AGAIN! The presences of Godliness and Love and family is so strong in the video, one can only imagine the great forces at work in real life! It brings such ease to me mentally, physically, and of course spiritually to know that even in these troubled times we are facing this present day, our people STILL have the ability to Love, Pray, and stay together as a Family……. May I exalt Greatness, Devotion, Blessings and more Blessings into your beautiful commitment to one another!


  10. Tanika

    This is soooo insane….Beautiful but insane. If someone would go through what he went through to make this happen. You have to wonder if he’s crazy!!! I would be a little scared. It doesn’t take this much to prove that you really love someone. This is wild!

  11. But in the im happy for them; but after that she better not make him mad.

  12. dbrouse

    In my opinion this seems a bit over the top. My finacee would have killed me if I had spent that much money on a proposal. There are much wiser ways to spend your money (student loans, down payment on a house, invest, etc)…and the proposal could have been VERY romantic.

    You have to wonder if he thought it would be this big and if he thought about what the next steps would be or if he put all of his focus on this day with no plan for the future.

    I also wonder about them now…with a looming wedding (October 08) and no activity on their blog since 11/13/2007…

  13. Ednardo Samoth

    While this might be a bit expensive (as was noted in some of the latter comments), Robert has shown that although not many, there are still good Christian gentlemen in this world who know how to appreciate a LADY.

    I lift my hat to you son. Keep on keeping on and God’s richest blessings to you both.


    All i can say is OMG!!! i cried thru the whole thing. God bless them and there marriage.Now that’s how a woman should be treated. 1000 cool points to you Robert!!!!!!!!!!

  15. saintlouis63

    this was the loveliest expression that I have ever seen.

    Will anyone ever love me that much and be able to show it?



  16. ms ajai

    yeah thats what I was wondering new info on their blog or website but the wedding is supposed to be this month

  17. Beverly F.

    I just want to know if they got married. I cry everytime I watch this. I recieved an email several months ago stating they were getting married. I woul dlove to see the ceremony.

  18. Joseph S.

    Can anyone tell me that they see the look of love in her eyes? I don’t! I see appreciation, flattery, but not love! I really am praying for this fellow and for her because she has a lot of pressure to live up to. Most African Americans over look the the true essence of love and confuse it with romance– which is the Roman twist on it it. Nothing good ever came out of Rome.

  19. The 'A'

    Yes they got married, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. They are doing well, and continuing to build off a great foundation they have already laid. To know them is to love them, they are a great couple.

  20. Karen

    I am still inspired and moved by thier story over a year after I saw it. I pray their love will always be so beautiful. I have faith that God will bless me with such a loving mate.

    It is sad to see all the haters on here; God is frowning on you!

  21. Monie

    I keep watching this and each time I cry. It gives me hope on romance and unconditional love. Blessings to both of them.

  22. I must be the last person on the interwebs to see this, but better late than never! This is so beautiful! Much love and happiness to them.

  23. Tanika

    The website isnt working anymore and I cant find any info on their wedding!! if someone can tell me where to find info Id like that thanks

  24. dbrouse

    I think we all have an idea how this turned out…not a valid peep since all this went down. Yeah right. I’d love to be wrong, but this was overkill at it’s worst.

  25. Keish

    I wish this couple many blessed days and much happiness. Who cares how much money he spent!? He did what he saw fit for the woman he loves…he included their family and that says a lot. Why are so many people worried about where they are now? Just can’t be happy for other people right? Just have to assume that they are not going to work out! I pray they are too happy and working out just fine!

  26. sharon j

    I was moved by this, I cried and can’t stop watching such a beautiful proposal, although I am sad the wedding didn’t appear as stated. Good luck to you guys, and keep God first.

  27. A fellow Southern Jag

    I have the link to the proposal saved on my desktop. I have read a lot of negative things from people in regards to what this extraordinary young man as done. I wish these 2 people nothing but happiness and joy for the rest of their lives. This young man is not crazy but an example of what a well raised young man does for the love of his life! My boyfriend is very much like Robert. He does things along those lines not to be overthetop persay but to show me I am willing to sacrifice anything for you and our family. My boyfriend/fiancee/husband (I dont need a ring to tell me what we mean to each other) is currently deployed in Iraq and will be home in about 6 weeks. I know he has some sort of grand proposal in his mind and I could tell him all day I dont need anything of the sort and he will still do it. In his mind a man is supposed to profess, protect and provide for his wife. Who I am to take that away from him. The song playing by the Shekinah Choir is so appropriately named…How deeply i need you…Isn’t this what MARRIAGE is supposed to be about!!!! Robert and Keisha I wish you nothing but happiness…God Bless you both!!!!!!!

  28. H&M

    This was very beautiful!
    I wish them all the best!
    God bless


  30. SMHAJH

    It is not about seeing and being in their personal space. This is something that one day I hope and Pray for. I am looking at the video now. I have saved it in my Favorites. I would like to see the Wedding Pictures because the Engagement Video was Wonderful. Is there a link anywher.

  31. Erricka

    I was so overwhelmed with joy when I first saw this video 2 yrs ago….I was initially unable to watch it for about 3mths because the site had been shut down. So when I was finally able to see the whole video, I cried. I thanked God for showing me true obedience. When I read the email that had come with the video, I cried. Now, after watching this video so many times with friends and family and forwarding it on to others…It has helped me understand and recognize what God sometimes has us “Waiting” for, and right now Lord I am finally ready to wait!
    I wish you two all of God’s blessings. I want to thank you for the obedience you showed to God, and I thank you for being a good example for others.

  32. Angel

    For those of you who made negative comments about this mans decision to do that for the love of his life, I pray god really deal with those who are so judgemental of him. He obviously is appreciative of what god has given to him and when god gives you a gift, you’re supposed to cherish it from beginning to end. I think that it’s wrong for certain individuals to put there two cent opinions on the internet of how this man truly displayed his love for Kiesha. You better check yourself, cuz what if someone wanted to do that for you, what are you going to say,”GET A REFUND?!” No, you would be excited and so overwhelmed, especially when that person really loves you for you and nothing more or nothing less. All i can say to them is, GO HEAD NOW, cuz the best came, is already here, and get ready for even more. I pray god truly keeps that love between the two of you, and always remember; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path. May grace, love and peace abide with you always!!!!!!

  33. Cherine

    I gotta say I am really undone by anyone who would say that this is crazy or over the top.
    Is a man who whisks a girl to Paris is that over the top? If he bought her a car or jewels or money – all that seems normal today especially without a hint of love on the horizon, and everyone is okay with it.

    But a young man who has thoughtfully, selfesslessy, generously and inclusively created the perfect night to ask his beloved to be his wife – apparently that is crazy. Wow, if that’s crazy then I hope I am never sane.

    Shame on you all. This was lovely, and may Almighty God surround them with nothing but kind and generous hearts and keep all wicked things away from them.

  34. DC

    Nice gesture, but a bit over the top. Ten rooms seems excessive. Three would have probably sufficed and all the G-d talk seems like a bit much. Finally, what’s with my man’s hair? Is that cool in Atlanta? Just kidding… Sort of.

  35. Xandra

    Did they ever get married? I wish them a great life together.

  36. Tracey

    People are so negative Robert and Keisha I wish you nothing but happiness, it was beautiful and awesome. It should be more men especially brothers like you in the world, there would be a lot more happier women. Hopefully your selflessness will rub off on many more men, it was not over the top it was the top baby, so do your thang, lots of love to you and keisha and hope you two have made lots of beautiful baby’s. Keisha hold on to him honey you got a good one.

    one love

  37. Brenda

    It is my desire that GOD continues to bless them with an overdose of blessings.

  38. C

    To all of the naysayers, yes Robert and Keisha are still happily married. You have not seen the website or updated information, because they never intended for their engagement to become this public. They sent the original email to a few friends but the fact that the photographer (as all photographers do) had it on his website brought them more attention than either really wanted. As two private people, its a bit unnerving to get stopped in stores and have people taking pictures of you. So, if you wonder why you have heard nothing, that’s why. I am sure many of you will go on and be negative… and yes they both have corporate jobs as a matter of fact, he is a certified public accountant so Im quite sure he knows about numbers and saving. I think that people may talk but if ANY of this had happened for either of you, you wouldn’t want people to be unhappy. Stop the HATE, it’s so unnecessary.

  39. Cherine

    C…right on! right on!

  40. Debra

    I’am a mother of two grown men, I will love for my sons to give the best on their future wife and children. That what REAL men do. Now I’m older enough to know now, but the best sure come from a man if he care. My sons know better. I wants my future daughter n laws feel like a queen and treat him like a king. What more can a mother ask for. Stop the hating an wish for a like like Robert and Keisha Gray.

  41. Mary


  42. Full grill

    How lovely. My boyfriend pointed me to this page…I wonder what he’s cookin up 🙂

  43. Ms. Grant

    I am so late seeing this. But Kudos to Robert. This is the most romantic. loving and wonderful thing I have seen EVER. It is so great to see that a man can offer his soon to be wife something like this with the company of friends and family. This is truly a blessing to see a couple steadfast in love and friendship. This is what you call a true love and friend. I pray you all continue to prosper in the Lord and when you have a family someday, they can be a wonderful unit wiht contiued blessing.

    God Bless
    Ms. Grant

  44. Sheaye

    I saw this video in 2007 and I still look at it with amazement as if I am seeing it for the first time. May God continue to bless this couple and their families. I hope and wish one day I get some of the energy towards an engagement too! 🙂

  45. jamie

    I absolutely love this proposal, I saw it years ago and I was telling a friend about it today so I looked it up. This engagement gives me hope that my husband to be is out there somewhere and I’m willing to wait on God to bring him to me. I want a God fearing man and although I don’t know Robert, I’m sure he has a relationship with the lord. I just want to say that your well thought out and well planned proposal will be adored and talked about forever. This is the best one I’ve ever seen and all the details just put the icing on the cake. I wish both of you the best! You have set the bar for engagements PERIOD!!!!!! So I will patiently wait until my time comes and enjoy my singleness while I have it.

  46. Ham

    All i want to say is God Bless and wow… I have looked at this so much now it just give me ideas and makes me think of when I am going to propse to my girlfriend… and for those of you who say this is over the top…. hey it was in his heart and she loved it that is all that matter.

  47. Omg there some good men still out there…. ❤ it

  48. N. Camille

    Simply beautiful…..back to the basic….seeking God then the support of family and friends.

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