Black People and Weight Loss: Vicious Cycle

By Makeisha Lee, Health and Nutritional Advisor

Columbus, OH ( – Blacks are officially considered to be an endangered species due to obesity and terrifying related illness. Diets, surgeries, pills, exercise motions and potions; though easily and readily available have done little-to-nothing to help people lose weight long-term. If those options don’t completely suit your fancy, then you have high powered initiatives to get people moving into action; like the Bally’s fitness Challenge, Shaq’s Challenge, BET healthy challenge, and of course the 50 Million Pound Challenge. All of these are attempting to provide a solution to the Obesity plague for our community.

Even with all of these mechanisms in place, the 50 million pound question that lies before us is: Why is it that we as “Blacks” are STILL some of the most obese people on the planet?

Previously, whites were the poster children for dieting to lose weight; however we have been doing our fair share too in the recent years, with no dent in this trend of disproportionate obesity, coupled with chronic illness.

The facts are the facts! Prevalence of obesity among blacks has increased 35 percent in the past 10 years alone. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), we lead in the highest percentages in both sexes and even amongst children, as compared to other ethnicities when it comes to the contemptible “beast of burden”- obesity. So what is REALLY going on?

We have made huge technological advances, so that you can instantaneously have tons of information at your fingertips on how to lose weight. There have been thousands of books written and exercise videos on the latest, newest best diet, best fitness tips, best medical advice, on and on and on. Even with all this, something is not being done right. Why come to that conclusion? One obvious reason is that we should certainly see more significant results than what we have.

There are in fact an infinite number of theories, but here are a few thought provoking ideas that many don’t want to address, but that will definitely make you want to go, “hum”!

1) Too many of us are being brainwashed; covering ourselves up with benign ignorance instead of trying to find out the real truth about why blacks have been unsuccessful as a whole at getting/and or keeping the weight off.

2) All of these diets, various weight loss challenges and campaigns that are currently underway are nothing more than band-aid remedies that will bring us right back to the drawing board – if we don’t find out about pre-existing and current outside elements. That’s right, in this day and age mainstream society still suppresses corruption that adversely affects our lives, as a people; as a nation.

3) We may have to begin exposing some that are right within our own community that acts as wolves in sheep’s clothing – impeding progress. It’s been said that the “mean green” has caused stranger things to happen. Or perhaps, they are not wolves at all; rather it’s just a bad case of “blind leading the blind”.

4) Whatever the theory or rationale of the matter, one thing most can agree on is that the obesity pandemic for Blacks is unequivocally multi-factorial. People who can think for themselves can surmise that all on their own!

We all do well to open our minds, and eyes to the fact that if we don’t get proactive and put on our investigative hats – TODAY; we will be tottering upon a horrific human existence and will eventually land ourselves on the brink of extinction.

The final analysis: If we don’t “band together” and “stand together,” find out how our entire race of people will actually be (in a bad way) – the world’s biggest LOSERS, the next time on part II!

Makeisha Lee is a health and nutrition consultant. For more information about cleansing and detoxifying your body, contact her at 614-595-1425 or or learn more at

She is also the author of “Why Black People Can’t Lose Weight” available at and in bookstores nationwide.

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