Creflo Dollar refusing to comply with Congressional inquires?

EVERYBODY has to pay the government.  As a former member of a name it and claim it, money mongering church…I know that the federal government must be able to smell the many cash cow churches that are ripe for a tax shakedown milking.  I hope they take these pastors for broke if they have not been giving Uncle Sam his just due.  God knows there is an awful lot of money being given to these churches in the name of God.  Someone should be holding them accountable…why not Congress.  If you are not using the church’s money to feed the poor, spread the gospel, etc…what are you doing with it.  If you are doing the Lord’s work…for real…why would it matter who sees your books.  Rolls Royce for the Lord…yeah right!  There needs to be a separation between church and “estate”, if you know what I mean!!!

From – Televangelist Creflo Dollar, who, under pressure from a leading U.S. senator, acknowledged that his Atlanta-based mega-church raked in a cool $69 million last year, is refusing to submit to any more congressional inquiries into his church’s finances without a subpoena from the IRS.

Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park, Ga., is one of six TV preachers who were asked by Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, to submit full financial documents, showing salaries, luxury purchases, and even gifts to other preachers and the individuals who comprise their boards.  The churches, whose pastors preach that God wants Christians to be wealthy, include Bishop Eddie Long, the only other African-American being probed and the leader of a huge church and ministry in Lithonia, Ga.

At first, Long agreed to “fully comply” with Grassley’s request. He now says that the investigation is “unjust,” “intrusive” and “an attack on our religious freedom and privacy rights.”

Grassley said his inquiry was triggered by complaints from various people who complained that many of the ministers were on spending sprees, buying everything from Rolls-Royces, colossal mansions and private jets to tailor-made suits and extravagant trips.

But Dollar says he questions whether Grassley’s request is even legal.\

Dollar’s attorney, Marcus Owens, is demanding that the Republican senator from Iowa seek a proper” request for information — one handled by the IRS.

“A referral would permit Senator Grassley and the Senate Finance Committee to discharge their obligation to oversee federal tax administration without running the risk of government entanglement in the Church’s religious beliefs and practices,” the letter said.


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4 responses to “Creflo Dollar refusing to comply with Congressional inquires?

  1. Dr. Jay Ashley

    Touchy subject. Question, if I make 80plus, pay 10% tithes and drive an S55 AMG Mercedes is it cool? If I take an additional portion of my earnings, feed someone, gas up my car and go speak to inner city kids is that okay? Can I lay granite in my kitchen and leave the country on vacation? Why can’t a pastor? God holds everyone “equally” accountable for the talents they received. We are so focused on the evidence of things we “think” we see, aka cars, clothes, planes yet we fail to acknowledge the things we may or may not know nothing about. You don’t know what old Creflo or Jakes contribute outside of his tithes. You don’t know what business ventures he has outside of his church paycheck. God has a history of establishing a protocol for how well priests and prophets should be treated. The finest in clothing and portions of meat. Why is it today that it should be any different? At the end of the day I say that no career warrants me driving a Rolls but if I did it’s my blessing and you don’t know how many Corollas I’ve purchased for less fortunate so be slow to judge. We should be more concerned with how many people we’ve blessed. You do know that God holds both us and the preacher to that duty right? Besides, if that church’s entire financial committee is “crazy” enough to let him get away with it we got a whole lot more to worry about than a couple of “greedy” pastors. Blessed

  2. valerie

    I have nothing against prosperity or the prosperity messgage but the main focas of ministry should totally be based on repentance developing ones relationship with God. If we look at the word of God we can see by example of how the leaders of the first church set upministries. The book of Acts shows us that they were compassionate ss toward the poor, fatherless, and widows. Their goal was not to get rich and preach that this would be our ultimate outcome if we get saved but it says that those that had wealth even sold their possessions and shared among the poor so that both rich and poor had all things in comon where money was concerned, in fact, rememer Ananias and his wife were struck down by God due to their lying about
    their money. The truth of the matter is that it is the Local church pastors that actually nurcher our spirit, visit us when we are shut in, cry with us, look after the widows, set up homeless programs, coucil us, perform marraige ceromonies, bury our loved ones, prayed with us, encourage us, and personally know our struggles and family issues. The local church pastor should receive great salary thatcoveres all his expenses as did the priest in the old testiment did living on tithes of the people. There is no profit in the bible that lived extragantly but they lived in the strenght of ones offerings and blessing, and this includes Paul. Some of these evangalists own multiple mansions, fleets of customed cars, gold mines, two or three luxury Jets, purchasing grand hotels and even sitting on$ 23K toilets etc. The sad fact of the matter is that they are not ministering to sinners or causing the them to repent because the sinner is not in attendance at their conferences but the the saint. most people at their conferences are already saved and we tend to view them as religious icons and will give them our last dollar
    before we extend it to our struggling neighbor. The whole purpose of the church being exempt was so that after the salary and expenses of the pastor was met, anything over was to serve their local communities through good deeds and contributions. Again, I have nothing against these evangalist obtaining wealth, but I hope that hearts are right with God and they remember that the world is watching them and their lifestyles just like they watch secular millionaires lifestyles. Any and all ministry corruption, perverse lifestyles, divorce and personality scandals will unfortunatly be brought to the light and ultimately be a reproach against religion. I tithe my money to where i get fed, the local church, and I donate money to meaningful charities such as shelters for women, hospice homes, or struggling widows, prison ministries. these are the ones
    that need gifts of monies.

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  4. I feel like this. First of all, I am a devout Christian. I believe in prosperity, but I also believe in balance. Sometimes it does seems as if the preachers are getting richer from the messages, and the congregations aren’t. It does seem that way. I believe there is a balance in everything. if you have a large church, the outcome is that the church will have a large income. Many pastors get a pay check…some don’t…I know some personally. They have full time jobs, they are investors, they came up through the ranks working fulltime ministry while holding big time positions in corporations (ex. my godfather). Yet they live modestly, nice car, nice house, family. Seemingly some do take it too far, but sad to say, that’s just the way it is. I strongly believe that one should keep her/his eyes on those things that are above, b/c many things on earth will dissappoint you. I don’t buy into the stardom side of televangelistic stuff. I keep my eyes on God, if he place it on my heart give to a ministry, I will. But other than that I too give to charaties and grassroots, and people that I can actually see doing something, cause’ it’s true that some people (in and out of the church, in and out of the pulpit) are far too materialistic and just ain’t right. Key thing, materialism is a thirst that is never quenched. People who are like that will suffer and hunger for more…so let them to themselves. If they are like that, feel sorry for them, and pray for them… keep your head to the clouds and focus on what’s real. Peeps gon’ always be like that, from the government to the pulpit, you’ll always have folks that “just might not be right.” Everyday, there are millions of Christians working hard, emotionally, spriritually, etc. Dealing with family, sometimes racism, sexism, favoritism on these corporate jobs…well, God honors these people too. Everyday, there are people who work harder than many pastors. God honors all of us. And so, I am not into giving all my stuff away…but to honor God everyday, in everything, not just monetarily. I keep my eyes off of what may be crooked, b/c that, we will always have with us…

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