Vick gets 23 months, Richie got 4 days?

Ok so Michael Vick got 23 months for dog fighting and Nicole Richie got 4 day for DUI??? WTF.  Dog fighting is worse than driving under the influence?  Since when?

I know the news of Vicks sentencing is all over place and I just don’t get how he gets more time than Paris, Nicole and Lindsey combined.  Think about that mess yall.   If he was driving drunk or chasing folks while high on coke…I think he would be doing far more time than 23 months.  What’s more, He’d be “under the jail”, as my mom used to say, if he killed someone while driving under the influence.


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9 responses to “Vick gets 23 months, Richie got 4 days?

  1. Steph

    Thats what he gets-anyone who can do that is cruel. He is a nasty mean person and I hope he never gets to play football again. Hurting puppies/dogs is like hurting children.

  2. Soul Sistah

    “Hurting puppies/dogs is like hurting children.”

    I think Vick should be punished as what he did was against the law but 23 months…that’s ridiculous. It just seems our society values animals more than humans these days and its a trend thats quite disturbing.

  3. Tee

    You answered your own question at the end of the blog–“If” he had hurt someone–There have been plenty of black athletes who have been caught on DUI charges and received the same treatment as the women you mentioned–Now had they been driving under the influence while Pitt Bulls mauled each other in the back seat they may have gotten more time–who knows–If you where eluding to this difference being racially motivated–Nicole is a little skinny black girl and would have also been placed under the jail had she hurt someone–

  4. Dennis

    When Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay are convicted of killing people with their own hands and then lying about it, I’ll question our society’s supposed tendency to value animals over humans. Until, I’ll believe that Vick got what he deserved.

  5. Clearly, if you look at the body of American law we value human life over animal life. If not…you wouldn’t see the disgusting treatment of animals in the food processing industry. My point is that these women should have gotten harsher sentencing.

  6. MarvalusOne

    But he didn’t hurt any children…I love my puppy and would want to physically hurt someone who hurt them…but 23 months in jail? Come on…this was purely because he was a black man who is in the public eye…look at the bias that happens when black men go to court and trial compared to these white girls who go to court for doing something that actual endangers lives…total injustice…

    Yes, he deserved to be punished but the unfairness is blatant…I don’t believe, nor will I ever believe, that because he financed a dog-fighting business that this makes him inhumane…that is complete bullshit…inhumane is these idiots who get behind the wheel of a car after they’ve been drinking all night; inhumane is a person who does drugs and then possibly endangers someone’s life by making stupid choices…let this man be!

  7. crazyfolk

    Are you crazy? This was not a racially motivated verdict. If anything, he didn’t get more punishment because of WHO HE is. He is a disgusting man who comes from a dysfunctional family. He’s lucky he got caught for this before he was caught doing something worse. 23 months? That’s a cake walk. Are you guys going to cry when Barry Bonds gets 5 years? I hope not.

  8. dkoesq

    Vick’s sentence is absolutely ridiculous. We are convicting a man for fighting dogs (his property) but these F#ggot -a$$ perverts running this country (congressmen) suffer no repercution for fondling and raping little boys. I’m sorry but it seems we value gd dogs more than children.
    our war criminal president is killing children and maybe even dogs everyday with his invasion yet our spineless congress won’t even consider this liars impeachment. Our priorities are f*cked up as a nation.

  9. If you think his case was not racially motivated think again. It went this far I’ll agree because of all the PETA and other animal rights foundations, but think about it how many times can Paris and all these white stars get away with the same crime over and over and not only get light setences if any and turn around and go right back to a career that was untouched by the scandle with no one trying to take that career away. If anything they become more popular while Vicks career is over.

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