I Love New York 2: “Punk” you’re better off without her

I know I’m not supposed to be watching mess like I Love New York 2…but it sucked me in!!  That show is a train wreck.

About last night’s show…I know Sis. Patterson wanted a Havard Law Grad son-in-law…she was clinging to David Otunga aka “Punk” at the end of the show.  However, it was just not meant to be.  He is too nice.  His family was definately not feeling her.  Really, can you be a partner in a big firm and have Ms. Tiffany in her 2 inches below the “cha cha” dresses coming to the company holiday party?  Really???  It’s too cold in Chitown where he lives to be dressing all half naked anyway…the HAWK will cut you down in the winter.  LOL LOL LOL

I’m sure that Mr. Otunga will find love if that’s what he really wants.  Given the success of the show and that body (Goodness, that man is SWOLE!!!) I’m sure he’ll have many options to chose from in his search.

That show is a horrible example of black people playing games with each other when it comes to love.  Watching Tiffany and Buddha (aka Ezra Masters) is like reading some horrible urban romance novel.  “I hate you!!” “I love you!!”  Shut up NY…you know that man is fine as hell and you want to ride him like Amtrak!  LOL  The whole series, both New York’s show and Flava Flav’s show are horrible examples…period…when it comes to black love.  Sigh…thank God it’s all acting anyway.  LOL


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4 responses to “I Love New York 2: “Punk” you’re better off without her

  1. nuke

    that cat is gay anyway

  2. DisgustedMotherInNC

    I have just watched “I Love New York” for the last time! As a mother of 2 gorgeous, articulate, adult daughters (college educated, I might add), David could come this way any time. New York does not want a real man…she wants a thug! First of all, she confuses someone trying to buy her, with love. Tailor Made is simply ridiculous! If you have money, believe me, you don’t have to constantly brag about it! His attempt to be above everyone else lacks class and is transparent. And, besides according to him, he is still legally married. I don’t care whose separated…that’s what they all say. Freaking adulterer.

    Buddha, is an out of control opportunist! In his attempt to be a “real man” it is apparent that he is an insecure little boy (with muscles) who has anger management problems. These two men (Buddha & Tailor-made) are head-butting, spitting fools. Believe me, real men are gentle, honest, they become offended when others defame your character, they pull out your chair, stand when you enter or leave a room. In looking at the last episode, David was the only one who stood as New York left the table. With all Tailor Made’s money, you would have thought he would have sense to stand his stupid behind UP! Point in case- he is simply trash putting on a front!

    New York deserves whatever she gets. I just know I am not watching another season of her ignorance. And while I don’t agree with Sister Patterson’s antics either, mother’s instincts regarding Buddha are right on. If his own family member has concern about his ability to manage his anger…New York had better be concerned.

    David (AKA Punk), you ARE better off. You deserve a classier sister, not one who is gaudy, loud, fake, uneducated and pretending to be something she is not. Stop dating down and you will be blessed.

    Tailor Made- I hope you do get some money and class one day! Perhaps if she picks you, then you will have your meal ticket and won’t have to continue to pretend. Remember, If you are well off, you surely don’t have to brag about. Take it from someone who has worked hard, recieved a great education, travels, is semi-retired at age (well let’s say mid 40s), and has been blessed to live extremely well. I would be extremely disappointed and appalled if my children boasted and bragged about what God has blessed us with…or if they felt as though they had to buy someone’s affection. It Is WEAK. Food for thought: My daughters would never take expensive gifts from any man other than their father…HINT, HINT.

    Buddha, Buddha, Buddha – who beat you when you were young. Although my degree is not in pyschology (my oldest daugter happens to have a child pysch and sociology degree), something certainly went wrong. So much anger…and where on earth is your mother. A man who loves and cherishes his mother surely would not be so disrespectful of a young lady (I use that term loosely) or her mother…regardless of the situation. A REAL man shows control and respect. He understands that walking off sends the message that “what you have to say means nothing” and “it is all about me.” He listens, even when conversations become difficult. And he NEVER brags to “the boys” about how good he was in the bed with any woman…especially one he supposedly cares for. I was embarrassed for you! To have to make up a sexual encounter is pretty desperate. You are an angry, selfish liar whose motive could not be clearer. Having muscles does not make you a man…who told you that? You are arrogant and ignorant (and I am not sure why, because you are not “all that”) and I pray that your anger does not get you in too much trouble because there are too many brothers incarcerated already.

    Finally, New York, New York – Oh my goodness! As my high schooler says…You Are A Hot Mess! You are not going to find love, dear, until you learn to love yourself! Anger does not equal love, gifts do not equal love, sex does not equal love! Love is gentle, kind, not boostful and rude. As best said in I Corinthians 13:4-8 … Love is perfect,love is kind. It does not envy, it is not proud. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perserveres.Love never fails. Dear, your hope walked out the door. Love is perfect – you claimed to have made had a list of things about David that were perfect and yet you let him walk out of the door. Anger, pride, envy, and boostfulness remains. Shame, shame, shame. Yet another sister who says she wants a good man but would not know him if he bit her. Good luck with that!
    New York, You Have Been Punked!

    I hope this post captures it for everyone. I am done watching TRASH TV. As entertaining as it has been, I have had enough of the nonsense.

  3. I thought I was the only one who thought that …

    I know girls sweat him and whatnot … but there was a clear distinction of sweatness.

  4. Samantha

    I watched the show just because there was nothing on and it provided me entertainment for a while. I can’t help but to be ashamed for the fight of our black women who have to, to a certain degree compete with bitchy women like NY. These men are going out of their minds for a female who doesn’t not understand the concept of being a woman. As a younger person it’s just sad to watch a lot of the time I just end up changing the channel because I could never watch people embarass themselves and that happens much to often on that show.

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