Tips for Marketing to Negroes

Most people use word of mouth, either giving or receiving advice about brands. But influencers, who have sway over others and often engage lots of different people, are especially attractive to marketers who want to spread brand news quickly.   Nobody does word of mouth like Negroes.  From the Beauty Shop, to Girlfriends on the phone all night, we love to get confirmation from friends and love ones to inform how we spend our money…what we buy, movies, travel, private schools, clothing…you name it.  Everyone knows a Black influencer.  Someone who is ahead on all the trends.  Someone who recommends the best restaurants.  Someone who talks a lot.  LOL

Of course companies want to know how to best reach black consumers, because black people spend money like it’s going out of style.  Who else spends thousands on gold and diamonds that you put in your mouth and are only visible when you smile really really hard.  Anyway, when it comes to Marketing to African Americans, you should know…

  • African-American influencers appear to spend significantly more time than those from other demographic groups talking with family, friends and co-workers.
  • African-American consumers influencers are especially well-networked. According to the study, each individual in this segment speaks to an average of 56 people every day. That is 40% more people than the African-American population as a whole, and 20% more than US influencers overall. 
  • Philanthropy toward the African-American community rated very highly, as did well-regarded spokespeople.
  • Influential African-Americans spent somewhat less time interacting online than influencers overall, but read more news online and shopped online somewhat more.


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