Female Sex Tourists and Caribbean Men

You can get a “rental dread”, aka. a contemporary Caribbean gigolo?!?!?  Wow.  This video is not brand new either…from the clothing.  I can only imagine that the trade is even stronger now.  I’m just mad that “old girl” said they “prey” on women…come on.   Like they are all innocent and being taken advantage of.  Sigh…white women can’t just want some black dick, huh?  That just not possible, huh?  These women are johns to these poor black men.  Seduced by the big manhood and the dreadlocks….Lord have mercy!  Everyone has their fantasy on both sides I guess…or at least their own motives…that’s for sure.


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2 responses to “Female Sex Tourists and Caribbean Men

  1. Lele19106

    Yuck. I need to rinse off after watching that clip.

    In some ways, this sex tourism really speaks to the ingrained racism of some white people. Of the whites who travel to Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Jamaica, etc for cheap sex with blacks there, how many have black friends and even acquaintances? Blacks remain the exotic other suitable for sex but not a person of value.

    Interestingly the film crew didn’t feature any African American women who also go to Jamaica on sex tours. That’s worst. It’s as bad as Black men going to Brazil to exploit Latinas. Don’t they realize that they are treating less fortunate brothas and sisters like slave owners treated us.

    Is this what it means to have made it? Was the ability to travel to distant lands and sexually exploit poorer populations a civil rights victory?

  2. Lele19106

    Typo alert: “That’s worst” should be “that’s worse”.

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