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Over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted each day

“Abortion is so critical to us, because this is essentially a genocide. According to the census of 2006, African Americans are reproducing below replacement level, which is 2.1 children per household, and we are now at 1.9. We need to turn this around quickly, because over 1,400 African-American babies are aborted every day. That’s going in the wrong direction.” – Walter B. Hoye II, executive elder of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of Berkeley

I’ve posted about African-Americans and abortion before and it’s a very very touchy subject.  In the black community, I find that most people have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.  Whether someone has had one…you don’t ask.  That’s med’ling in grown business, if you will.  If you had one, you only tell the people you trust or you keep it to yourself.  But of course, the topic is not one that anyone would consider cause for casual conversation.  Why?  I think the major factors are the huge black christian community that considers it and premarital sex sinful and community stigma around abortion.  The stigma part of the equation created in me an internal struggle.  I really couldn’t say that I was pro-abortion, because I don’t believe a life should die because you and your partner don’t want it or made a mistake and didn’t use a condom…etc.  However, I don’t think that children should be born into families where they are not wanted, will not have proper parenting, or will suffer as a result.  I also don’t think that it’s my job to decide whether other women should have the option (especially in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother or child is endangered by the pregnancy).  It’s a very very touchy issue.   In the end, when it comes to questions of life and death, I believe that there is a place for government, church, and personal choice.  Ultimately I think that each individual, male and female should have the choice of many informed choices when it comes to pregnancy.  Abortion, adoption, parenthood, It’s not my choice to make.

But enough of what I think…I want to know what you readers think about African-Americans and abortion. 


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White Racist Co-Worker’s Christmas Wish Granted

In the liberal multi-cultural City of Berkeley, California and home of the internationally renowned and respected University of California where diversity is as common as apple pie. On the eve of the New Year, the sole African American employee at Utrecht Art Supply in Berkeley at the foot of U.C. Berkeley on University Avenue didn’t get an annual Christmas or New Year’s bonus, gift, party or a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year from his employer. But, the company granted his white co-worker’s New Year’s racist wish. On December 18, 2007, the store’s only African-American employee received a formal Separation and Release Agreement from his employer, because his white co-worker, John Paulson, the store manager didn’t feel “comfortable” working around African Americans. It certainty comes at an uncomfortable time for the young African American worker. It happened just before Christmas, and he is a dedicated hard working single parent raising two minor children. Jeff Olson, Utrecht Art Supply District Regional Manager flew in from Chicago and delivered Paulson’s wish that Jeff said had been gift wrapped and endorsed by Utrecht’s CEO, George Meunch, in Cranbury, New Jersey. Utrecht is a national chain of art supply stores founded in 1946 in New York by artist Norman Gulamerian and his brother Harold.  The company is named after the street New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Certainty, this is a new low in racial tolerance and relations in this country.

Racial uncomfortability instead of business necessity, ability, job performance, personal conduct, character and criminal convictions, as a justified ground to release employees from their jobs will certainty negatively impact the country’s economy and set race relations back to the stone age. Continue reading

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RIP Benazir Bhutto, Assassinated

Such a tragedy…my heart goes out.

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AFP) — Pakistani opposition leader and former premier Benazir Bhutto was assassinated at a party rally late Thursday, plunging the nation deeper into crisis less than two weeks before elections.

She was shot in the neck before a suicide bomber blew himself up at a park in the northern city of Rawalpindi, killing around 20 people, after Bhutto had just addressed supporters.

The slaying stunned leaders around the world who urged calm and warned that extremists must not be allowed to destabilize the nuclear-armed nation before the January 8 parliamentary vote.

US President George W. Bush, for whom Pakistan is a vital ally in the “war on terror,” called it a “cowardly act” and appealed to its government to stay on the path back toward democracy after eight years of military rule.

Several witnesses said they heard at least one shot before the blast, which tore off limbs. People ran in panic, screaming as they trampled over pieces of human flesh. Puddles of blood dotted the road. Continue reading

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Cancer gene found in minorities

As if minorities don’t need another “issue”, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that a genetic mutation known to increase the odds of breast cancer in some Jewish women has been found in significant numbers of Hispanic and African-American breast cancer patients as well, underscoring the need for genetic testing across ethnic lines to determine who is at risk.

A large multiracial study released Wednesday estimated that 3.5 percent of Hispanic women with breast cancer have a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. That compares with 8.3 percent of female Ashkenazi Jews (those of Eastern European ancestry), 2.2 percent of other non-Hispanic whites and 0.5 percent of Asian-Americans.

The prevalence of the gene in black women with breast cancer was estimated at 1.3 percent, but among those who are diagnosed before they are 35, a startling 16.7 percent have the mutation.

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I Love Black Hair Shows…and so does my coffee table

hair wars bookI love black hair shows for the drama, the styles, and of course the half naked muscle bound men that delight a crowd of women and gay men.  There is nothing like it.

Photographer David Yellen (Time, Life and People) and writer Johanna Lenander (I.D., Surface and The New York Times’ T) explore the jaw-dropping outrageousness and artistic coiffures from African-American hair trade shows in a new book called Hair WarsYou can get it on

We have one of the greatest shows here in DC, The Golden Scissor Awards.  I just love it.  I’ve also been watching a reality show on BET J called Tears, Shears, and Beauty about contestants in this year’s Bonner Brothers show in the ATL.  People use everything from glitter, bibles, fishbowls, and of course tons and tons of fake hair.  It’s an art form that is uniquely African-American.  Here are some examples…


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Man Indicted for Threatening African-American Residents in Michigan

One count in the indictment charges Curtis M. Gottler with attempting to interfere with the right of the couple to sell their home without discrimination on the basis of race. According to the indictment, on August 24, 2007, Gottler left a handwritten note at the couple’s home indicating that he would track them down and harm they if they sold their home to African-Americans.

Gottler is also charged with one count of attempting to interfere with the real estate agent’s right to assist the couple in selling their home without regard to race, and one count of making a threat in interstate commerce. According to the indictment, these charges relate to a threatening e-mail Gottler sent to the real estate agent who was representing the couple in the sale of their home last September 15, 2007.

The defendant is also charged with two counts stemming from a letter he allegedly sent to an African-American resident of Livonia in which he threatened to harm the resident if the resident failed to leave Livonia. The letter was sent last June 25, 2007. For this incident, the indictment charges Gottler with one hate crime and one count of sending a threat through the US mail.

If convicted, Gottler faces a maximum punishment of 13 years of imprisonment and a fine of $800,000. – USDOJ

Source: Pacific News Center

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Jena 6 seeking pardons

Jena 6 seeking pardons…say that five times fast.  Dare you!  Probably easier to say that five times fast than to find hope that some pardons will happen, huh??

The New York Times is reporting that members of the Congressional Black Caucus called on Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco to pardon Mychal Bell and five other teenagers known as the Jena Six. Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee, Democrat of Texas, said in a letter to Ms. Blanco this week that Mr. Bell and the other teenagers have paid their debt to society and should be immediately pardoned. “They and their families have suffered enough, as has the state of Louisiana and the town of Jena,” the letter reads. Fourteen other members of the caucus joined Ms. Jackson-Lee in urging Ms. Blanco to support releasing Mr. Bell, who was sentenced on Dec. 3 to 18 months in a juvenile facility for his role in an assault last year on Justin Barker, a white student at Jena High School. Ms. Blanco’s press secretary, Marie Centanni, said in a statement that the governor could not grant a pardon or a commutation without a recommendation from the State Pardon Board.

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