Interracial couple faces racism in Iowa

Somebody was so intent on letting Tim Ross, an African American, and his White wife, Robyn, know that they aren’t welcome in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that he/she stood in mounds of snow on an ice-cold Sunday morning to spray-paint a hate message on their wall.  WATCH THE VIDEO from a local station.

Neighbors let the Rosses know that there was racist graffiti on the side of their brick house, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports.

When they went outside, the stark letters –  “White power,” “LEAVE NOW” and “NIGGER” were accompanied by a picture of a hangman’s platform with a stick figure hanging from it.

“They painted a swastika on my bedroom window, right by my head where I was sleeping,” said Tim, 35, one of very few people of color in the neighborhood.

He believes it was personal.  “Whoever it was had to get out and stand in piles of snow to do this,” he said. “It’s disheartening, especially in Cedar Rapids. It’s easy to forget I’m African-American here.” He grew up in Burlington, in southeast Iowa, the Gazette reports.

During his early years, he says his family felt the brunt of racism, but this was special.

“It was like a wake-up call,” he said. “It’s really frustrating to think people still think this way.” The Cedar Rapids Police Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Said Robyn Ross, 25, “We’ll be interviewing neighbors.”

Source: BET NEWS


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4 responses to “Interracial couple faces racism in Iowa

  1. Bret

    “When the English, French, German and Spanish have no one else to kill, they kill eachother.”

    It’s in European blood to hate, kill, slaughter and a constant craving to feel superior to someone else and dominate them.

  2. it doesnt matter if you are black, white , mixed, american or not. if you love them . it`s all that matters.

  3. Fontane

    I fear no man black, white, chinese, asian, hispanic, or any other race un heard of. However, if one feels violated then justice will be served by all means necessary.

  4. cliff

    you have to be genuinely stupid to spend your entire very short life hating people. there really is no time for it. you can’t enjoy life while hating people, you just can’t. life is so very short and then you’re gone. if you really have a life there is no room for hate.

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