Vick may get out of jail early is reporting that Michael Vick could be getting out of federal prison and back in the NFL by the 2009-10 season after applying for a prison-monitored drug rehabilitation program done only in Leavenworth, KS.

Lord…I’m from Kansas and had a relative in Leavenworth…or as my dad said…”He’s workign for the state”.  It’s a strange place, and I’m not surprised that they’ve pulled out a “specia” program for Vick.  

Yahoo! Sports is quoting an official with the Federal Bureau of Prisons who said Friday that Vick was being transported to a minimum security satellite prison that is under the jurisdiction of the Leavenworth facility.

Under the program, Vick could be released after serving only 12 months of the 23-month sentence he was given Dec. 10 in Richmond, Va. His exact release date remains fuzzy, as it is unclear whether the 12-month stretch would be counted from the day he entered Leavenworth or the day he voluntary entered prison in November.

Two sources tell Yahoo! Sports that Vick qualified for the drug program because his 23-month sentence included his failed drug test for marijuana after pleading guilty to the dog fighting charges.

As it stands, Vick’s 23-month prison term could translate to a release in the summer of 2009, putting his attempts at a return to the NFL for that season in jeopardy. But if Vick were to be released in late 2008 or early 2009, his opportunity to return to the league after missing only two seasons would be boosted significantly.

Getting out over drugs, but you went in over dog fighting.  Well the message to kids is…sometimes drugs do benefit you.  HUH?!?!  The lesser of two evils is working in his favor.

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