Friday Five: Your 5 Favorite Black Movies

1. Hav Plenty
2. The Wiz
3. Boomerang
4. Love Jones
5. Mo Betta Blues

I love a good movie african american cast, focus, theme..etc.  What are your top 5????


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7 responses to “Friday Five: Your 5 Favorite Black Movies

  1. Cami B

    Here’s my 5 not necessarily in any order

    2.Ray (Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles)
    3.What’s Love Got to Do With It
    4.The Color Purple
    5.Queen (Alex Haley’s)

  2. Mine are:
    5. The Best Man
    4. Eve’s Bayou
    3. Love Jones
    2. Malcolm X
    1. Love & Basketball

  3. Dag! I forgot the Color Purple. How could I?

    “You told Harpo to beat me!”

  4. Stockdiva

    1) Eve’s Bayou
    2) Boomerang
    3) Love Jones
    4) The Color Purple
    5) Boyz In the Hood

  5. FoxyScholar

    Coming to America
    Malcolm X
    School Daze
    Talk To Me

  6. c

    The Color Purple
    School Daze
    Mixing Nia
    Menace II Society
    Malcom X

    There are others i love, like Krush Groove and Mo Better Blues, but you asked for my top 5 so…

  7. My favorite 5 are:

    1. Last Holiday
    2. Set it Off
    3. Why Did I get Married
    2. Waiting to Exhale
    3. Diary of a Mad Black Woman

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