Mary J, 50 Cent, and Tyler Perry Named in Steroids Report?

Oh Lord, first Bonds, now Wyclef???  Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Wyclef Jean and Tyler Perry are among celebrities identified in an Albany-based investigation as recent buyers of steroids.  Dag, they better check Doctor Dre too!  He was looking super swole at the VMAs in 2007!

These allegations are part of the Albany-based investigation of steroids trafficking that has already rocked the professional sports world, according to confidential sources.

Information has surfaced recently showing those stars are among tens of thousands of people who may have used or received prescribed shipments of steroids and injectable human growth hormone in recent years. Law enforcement officials have said they have no evidence in their sprawling multistate probe that customers, including Blige or other entertainers, violated any laws. Instead, they are targeting anti-aging clinics, doctors and pharmacists who prescribed the drugs. …

Records shared with the Times Union and information from several cooperating witnesses on Long Island indicate Blige and other stars were shipped prescribed human growth hormone or steroids — sometimes under fictitious names — at hotels, production studios, private residences, an upscale Manhattan fitness club and through the Long Island office of Michael Diamond, a chiropractor affiliated with the celebrities, sources said. …

Albany County District Attorney David Soares declined to confirm information about, or to comment on, celebrities named in this report. – Times Union

Tyler, not you dog…not you?!?!  What would Madea say???  Leave those drugs alone, please people!!  Click here for the whole article.

Note: Why are all these stars noted in the report black???  Is it going to be like Bonds…the white folks implicated will be reported on later?

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One response to “Mary J, 50 Cent, and Tyler Perry Named in Steroids Report?

  1. Lucem ferre

    “Why are all these stars noted in the report black??? Is it going to be like Bonds…the white folks implicated will be reported on later?”

    Perhaps they are the biggest names linked to this, as Bonds is or was in baseball. Or, maybe there is some subconscious conspiracy taking place against all Black entertainers. Or, perhaps they are all guilty and their names were the first to get published because they were discovered first???? Who knows for sure, but you forget, before Mr. Bonds (who by the way lied about his roid use, as was reported today (2-15-08) in that he tested positive for steroid use in November 2000 and received no discipline for that), White Lenny Dykstra of the Phillies was suspected in the early 1990’s as was White Brady Anderson of the Orioles in 1996.

    When you think about it, things didn’t get crazy about steroid use until Jose Conseco’s book which outed so many people back in 2005. Oh, you know what, Jose is Latino but perhaps he’s a White Latino who hates black people. But then why did he out so many White players????

    Another twist, do you remember Ben Johnson?

    Oh, by the way again, it’s not Bonds facing Congress these days, it’s White Roger Clemens but I don’t hear any race related retractions or comparrisons as a result of Mr. Clemens’ situation.

    Funny too, how White Pete Rose, the original screwed hall of famer, is so ignored these days yet he is perhaps the cleanest of them all. Another by the way thing about Mr. Rose, Pete Rose, while I hated him until he became a Philly, was and remains the greatest hitter of all time and he is not in the hall of fame because he bet on some games. Wow! Let’s see how Mr. Bonds fairs before we use race as a factor against his induction process, okay.

    Finally, my favorite basketball player of all times and the greatest center in basketball history went from a 35 year old 7’2″ 235 pound man to a 265 pound man with muscle in one summer back in the 80’s. Has anyone outside of me, his most adhoring fan, questioned how Kareem managed that feat at that age and continued playing another 7 years at such a high level???? I worshiped Kareem as a player and still do but I have to suspect that he went over to the dark side that year or he had one hell of a trainer, like Clemens perhaps?

    While racism is real and lurks in many places, it is not always the answer to the perceived problem and, in fact, can become a major distraction from the issue of whether or not a man or woman is guilty of doing something wrong.

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