I might have dated a married man…

dontdatehimgirl.com (a site I highly recommend) is one of the best sites online. Dating someone? Do you do a lot of online dating, Ladies? You need to do a search or two on this site. I wouldn’t have thought there was anything about the guy I’ve been dating for a month (or I guess “was dating”) on this site. Well,the truth is that there are 2 postings (2 different women) about him that say he is a horrible person (he’s a liar, cheater, married…etc). I confronted him about it, and he says (of course) that it’s not true. However, a number of things worry me though (time of his calls, never been to his home). A number of tendencies that are kinda tale tell from what I understand. Before you brothers get on me for believing what I’ve read online and not taking the man’s word, know that he has an out. He can introduce me to his family (he has a daughter). We can all go to his church together. It’s on him, because a shadow of doubt has now been cast. I told him that I’m open to see what happens from here.

Note: Don’t think that I’m dumb enough to have a whole lot of hope that things will work out.  I don’t.  There were a good number of views on the posts about him on ddhg.com. That means that other women were looking for info on him as well…that’s NOT good either. Sigh! Well, if all is BAD…I’m glad I found out way early before things got too deep. My third eye is definately open.

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