Friday Five: What does Martin Luther King Jr. mean to You?

Today’s Friday Five is of course more than a five point list.  I want to know what Martin Luther King Jr. means to you.  Most of you get a day off at least.  For some, you get voting rights due in part to the efforts of this man.

How will you answer??


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5 responses to “Friday Five: What does Martin Luther King Jr. mean to You?

  1. c

    When i think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., i become sad because we are missing that type of leadership, i believe, today. The man is an example. He had strong character, ethics, priorities. His vision was one of equity, not just equality. He took risks, he resisted the way of the world and did things his way.

    i think a lot of folks, then & now, saw/see him as weak, but i say that he restrained his power, used it properly. He used it to gather people together, to inspire righteous indignation and use that to push foward, to create change.

    He did so much to motivate change, that people today don’t even appreciate it, can’t wrap their minds around the concept of there being a time that racism was so overt and legislated. (i mean, it’s still alive and well, systemic, but it’s a little more subtle now. Mostly it is.)

    i know that many Americans don’t even think it should be a holiday. Others, like you mentioned, enjoy the day off. But in my home, we talk about Dr. King often- not just on his holiday but all the time, any time. For us, he is not only an example of courage and character, but an example of christ-like behavior (a rarity among so called christian leaders today), masculinity, integrity and perserverance.

  2. When I think of Dr. King, I think about (among other things) all the different ways in which he and his message has been distorted over the years since his murder.

    Some people think he just sat around “dreaming” all day, and forget that he was a brave soldier that not only spoke out and marched, but was beaten, jailed, and bombed for advocating for simple liberties that we take for granted today..

    I think about how in this day and age if a young man speaks of peace or to has a peaceful countenance, he is often labeled less than a man.

    I think about the fact that at one point he and Malcolm were actually beginning to have a meeting of the minds, but then they were both taken out.

    I think about Yolanda King, who like her father, left us too soon.

    I think about how strong Coretta had to be and how folk forget that before she even married Dr. King she was already fighting for equality in higher education.

    I think about how grateful I am.

  3. FoxyScholar

    Dr. King means:
    –civil disobedience

    His life’s work contributed to my access to higher education. I am grateful.

  4. Deborah Stark

    Dr. Kings means a Legacy within a Legacy of Truth in Leadership. A leader who taught frontline honesty no matter what the cost. A leader who stood for justice for all, no matter what the cost. A leader who stood for the cost of education among the educated and uneducated, speaking and shouting move forward people, move forward, don’t look back. Stand and raise the standard of Life, press pass oppositon, lift your head in boldness, be free to be a physican, lawyer, president, banker, preacher, be free and let the horn of FREEDOM RING, thats what King means to me. Deborah Stark

  5. c

    i’ve shared this post with my husband and daughters, discussing the aspects of Dr. King’s leadership you’ve all posted in your replies.

    Thank you.

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