Bishop Thomas Weeks III tells his story to BET!

BET aired an exclusive video interview with Bishop Thomas Weeks, III given by Gerard Henry today at 11 AM. (If you missed it, it will be re-aired tonight at 10 PM.) In the interview, Bishop Weeks gave his version of the alleged beating and stomping of his wife (Juanita Bynum) on August 21, 2007. He also discussed their initial courtship, marriage, and gave his opinion on Juanita Bynum’s possible motives related to the altercation as well her overall ambitions.

According to Bishop Weeks, he was in a hotel room with Juanita and decided to leave because their argument was getting too intense. She followed him to his truck and tried to prevent him from getting in. He pushed her and she fell to the ground. The bellman came running over and grabbed him and tried to fight him. They struggled a bit and Juanita yelled “Don’t hit my husband” to the bellman. To further avoid fighting, Bishop Weeks left the scene. He also stated that they were not meeting to reconcile because they were already reconciled. They’d had sex 4 days before the incident as well as the night before. He was there because she needed a place to hold her upcoming meeting and wanted to use his church facilities. (Mind you, back in June she told their congregation that she was not planning to return to that church, according to Bishop Weeks in a previous news conference.) He said that in the course of their marriage, he has never hit or choked his wife. He said the pictures provided of the wounds came from her family a day or so after the fact. He suggested that the pictures were fake and that he was set up.

Bishop Weeks also discussed their courtship and their marriage issues. He said that back in March 2002, Juanita Bynum flew him to meet with her to help her with the administration process of a women’s conference she was planning in Tampa, Florida that year. With his help, her conference went from 1,800 registrants to 29,000. Some time after the conference ended (and a couple of weeks after they had been dating), she called him and told him that she thought they should get married. He agreed. He said he also figured that since she had taught so much on the process of being a godly woman and wife, he thought he was getting a prepared woman. Throughout the course of their marriage, he said that she called for a divorce two other times because of rumors that he was gay, which he denies. He also said that she, in fact, had been the abuser in their relationship. In his first example, he shared that while he was trying to finish an email he was drafting while riding in a 10 seat-er limo with her, she got frustrated with his lack of attention to her. She then threw down the laptop, grabbed him by his tie and said to him that he is going to treat her the way she wants to be treated. In another account, he said that after she had some kind of operation (he didn’t give details of the operation), she was annoyed about something and hit him in the head twice while he was in bed. He had to catch her hand before he hit him a third time.

Bishop Weeks also told Gerard about Juanita’s ambitions to be the next ‘Orpah’. He said that she was tired of preaching and wanted to do something more on a Hollywood level. He told her that he would not be Stedman, but still do his thing. He likes TV and ministry and would not change his course for her ambitions. He believes that she felt that maybe he would try to hold her back since Juanita has felt in the past that she has been abused by other ministries for their gain. He also dropped his spiritual revelation on Gerard that Juanita needed him, because she needed a king to be a queen. He felt that she wasn’t able to get into certain circles or walk through certain doors because she didn’t have a husband. She needed a ‘mand of God’. (Yes, he said ‘mand of God’ at least 4 times…I counted).

In the end, Bishop Weeks’ hope for his wife is that she will find God again. He said that his heart is still open for her to come back. In the beginning of the interview, he stated that he did his part to pull back his new book detailing their relationship because as a husband, he wanted to protect her and the church.

The interview was only 30 minutes long, but his account of the fight and relationship totally conflict with her version, as to be expected. Bishop Weeks is ready to talk and has given other exclusive interviews recently. He shares about the same information and maybe a bit more to Lee Baily in a two-part interview on I wouldn’t be surprised if their divorce happened quietly going forward since he seems ready to tell all. I’m not picking sides, but I think it’s clear that unless they settle their issues outside the court(privately), there will be a lot more questions to answer and a lot of answers we all may not be ready for. To start, if he didn’t hit her and the photographs are fake, why does she really want a divorce???


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40 responses to “Bishop Thomas Weeks III tells his story to BET!

  1. “He said that his heart is still open for her to come back.”
    Phuleeze, for what? If he was getting smacked upside the head on the regular like he says he was then why look back? I know it’s 3 sides to a story, but I’m leaning towards him, only because JB has repeatedly stated she ‘ain’t no joke’ & has no issues with checkin’ people (her staff) when she feels they are not living up to her expectations.
    IMO, JB needs to keep it movin’, let go before this man airs all her dirty laundry to the public.
    Weeks is not going to go to jail for her or nobody else.

  2. Lois Young

    Please shame the devil As ms Juniata always preach what she wanted to do to the devil, now is the time to shut the devil’s mouth and sit down and talk with her husband even if it has to be done in the presence of some one. Forgive each other and if you can’t stay together move on but please all this court business, spare yourselves the time and all the embarresment that can come out of this,please let the people see some of this Jesus you all were talking about. and Shut the Devil’s mouth for he is having a field day with this one.Wish The Best for the both of You. For God Loves you both.

  3. Lois Young

    You all can win this one If you do it God’s way. and God will be please. Think about What God Would DO in fixing this matter. Let God Fix it that what you all told us to do. Did you forget he can,You have to be willing and let him to it. It won’t cost you nothing. He Yet Loves You.


  4. Eldressg

    What in the world? I just viewed the BET interview. All I have to say is …there are 3 sides to every story……his side,her side, and the Truth. The only side I take is the truth. However, I believe Truth is working in Bishop Week’s favor. I know it’s only so much he can say being that there is a trial pending, but if you have been following the story, and listening with an open mind, you can conclude with who is really telling the truth. Keep praying saints!

  5. cj

    He did well under the pressure. He defended his action without telling everything about her. There is obviously a lot more to be told. I pray that it will be resolved prvately.

  6. Priscilla

    I pray we’ll ALL be ready when Jesus comes!!!

  7. Teresa

    Having heard her story and his story. I believe that Bishop’s Weeks’ story leans more toward the truth. I’m not saying JB is lying but maybe she is stretching the story a bit much. She could have just been overreacting to the situation. All I’m going to do is pray about and tell them to let go and let God.

  8. SuperDiva 247

    The bottom line is that people need to focus on Jesus’ teachings and follow Him. Get in a good bible-based church and strive to live a spirit-filled, faith-based life of prayer. Initially, I do believe Bynum was sincere in her ministries, but somewhere she lost her focus. I think that she is very self-glorifying, and I think this is just the beginning of her fall. I have seen clips of her sermons over the last couple of years, and she has really changed. When she had summer conference days before the incident with her husband, a lot of the things being said were completely off the wall. She was talking about the Sopranos TV show – stating how the Mafia has the innate ability to kiss one on the cheek and then walk away giving further instruction to a fellow “goodfella” to kill that person. She went on to say in another clip that she didn’t want her place in the church. She wants her place in the world, which is in line with what Weeks said in the interview about her ambitions of being going to Hollywood and being like Oprah. We, as Christians, are set apart from the world system. Weeks himself said that she was tired of preaching, so she has basically used the Christian platform as a launching board for her future endeavors. A couple of months ago I came across her broadcase as I was flipping channels, and her broadcast was a 30-min infomercial about her and her upcoming endeavors. I am not judging her, but I think her behaviour is very self-explanatory. The writing is definitely on the wall. Even the wedding was just her wanting to be extravagant. I don’t have a problem with “platinum” weddings, but my issue with her is that she had to make sure that it was known that she spent over $1 mill on it, it was televised (which was unnecessary), and she had to make mention of her 7.76 ct diamond. It was a beautiful wedding, but it was just a “show”. She could have still had the same type of wedding, but it could have been done without being braggish. I mean really they were having marital problems 7 mos into the marriage, according to her. So then, why were they having conferences on marriage and mentoring people on a topic that they really didn’t no anything about. There is just a lot of phoniness going on with these ministries, and a lot of sincere people are being deceived.

  9. SuperDiva 247

    ….oh, and I do agree with the theory that Weeks was set up. I think that he was standing in the way of things that she wanted to do, and she wanted to be bigger and better – without him!

  10. Chuckie

    Thomas Weeks knows Juanita Bynum better than anyone else. The statement about “her Message vs her End Result (Lifestyle)” is true of most ministers. None of them are perfect.

    Juanita cannot submit. Although she preaches submission and acts like she’s learned how to submit…

    Thomas Weeks should have released the book since he did the interview and will reveal more later. What’s the difference?

  11. The Facts

    Fact – Prophetess Bynum was already well – known in ministry before marrying Bishop Weeks so how much more ambition is being spoke of here. Her ministry was world – wide and she was traveling all over the world.

    Fact – if no one remebers – I do. There was an interview about them getting married and how it happened. According to their account together in an interview – he pursued her. She was preaching for a conference his father was holding – she saw him from a distance and thought it was his dad because he looks so much like him. They met – began to talked, spend time together and apparently came to the decision to marry after a conversation in Starbucks that started their marriage ministry together – “Teach Me How to Love You.”

    Fact – Bishop Weeks was virtually unknown before marrying Prophetess Bynum.

    Fact – These comments and attack on her character and siding with him is just proof of the acceptance of physical abuse. Someone abused her.

    Fact – The reaction to this situation is just proof of how little people really know about God. This is not the character of God.

    The truth of the matter – this is no ones business. If he was beating her then she is not required to stay in bondage to be abused. We’re dealing with a situation now. Woman marries pedophile who claimed to be reformed. Pedophile brutally rapes daughter twice in a church. Woman gets back with man because people took his side and said she was wrong for leaving and that she needed to receive him back. Pedophile is not taking responsibility is blaming the daugther, medication and not to mention has had sexual relationships with other women in the process but she was ridiculed for not wanting to go back to him.

    Forgiveness is necessary. The will of God is necessary but what’s unecessary is the abuse the church allows to happen. What’s uncalled for is the consistent desire to persecute the one abused.

    The message put out by the both of them in the Teach Me How to Love You Conferences is very different than his story because in the conference they revealed some things. He for one revealed how he put her out of the car. She revealed her issues as well….

    So the truth is this… God knows all and He will take care of them both if they’re lying to His people

  12. The only fact we know is that only Juanita, Thomas, and maybe the bellman (in part) know what happened that night. That’s the only FACT. I don’t think Juanita is beyond reproach and neither is Thomas…they are both very very capable of lying and deciet…just like the rest of us.

    I have my own opinion of their ministries and how they have fleeced many a flock. I wish brainwashed negroes would wake up and realize that the only people getting rich in most name it and claim it, sow for your blessing situations/ministries are the people running the show. And as I heard a minister put it one time “Believers, You PAID for the show”!!

    Who even remembers 6 months later when they tell you you’ll get a blessing in 6 months what blessing you were supposed to get? How many women are sowing for a “mate” for real, and acting like they just want the Lord’s love in their life? Maybe if Christians would look beyond the messengers to Christ they wouldn’t have to debate the truth online or stand up for the man’d and woman of God. Maybe we wouldn’t make idols out of Christian celebs? Sigh…whatever. It’s all too sad.

  13. The Facts

    One more Fact

    This just proves that the plot of the slave masters to control us (Black Americans) by keeping us separated, critical and jealous of each other is working.

    Why such hatred for her? Why so eager and quick to speak out of your flesh and not the spirit of God.. When will the foolishness end? When will people begun to truly walk in the character of God?

  14. epsimth

    Sounds like a lot of so called Christian judging to me.

    He had alot to gain, more so than she did. I understand he hooked up with her under suspicious circumstances anyway.

    She had more universal recognition and appeal to women in general, where Weeks’ clientele was Black (just my opinion).

    Anyway, reasonable and people with common sense know that what really happens behind closed doors will never truly be known.

    What we know for sure is this…There are 3 sides to every story…His side, her side and the Truth.

    All you so called Christians who are throwing stones at Bynum, whether fact or fiction had better realize real quick…

    “He who is without sin….” and
    “Judge not…. for you are nwothy”.

    Anyway, like more realtionships, we know people are sho they are in the beginning, yet we want what we want, so we think we can change them, etc.

    Either way, she seemed to be a monster and he seemed to be okay with it… DID YOU SEE THE OBNOXIOUS WEDDING??? Ridiculous!

  15. The Facts

    Sista… no ones trying to argue with you. My heart however hurts over this foolishness that hurts God.

    When things like this happen – it hurts the Lord because no matter what happens – even if there are people who are serving and really love the Lord situations like this brings the ugly out of people who profess Christ..

    I’m not interested in defending either one of them, but I was sharing things that I know to be true.

    I don’t disagree about the wicked things people have done in the body of Christ to decieve and mis – lead the people of God – that’s my point exactly. My concern is the Character of God. My concern is the hearts of people being guarded from unecessary foolishness – that’s all and nothing else.

    I’m not a personality junkie. The church is suffering because instead of worshippers of God – people have become worshippers of men.

    I totally agree with you… The church shouldn’t put people on a higher throne than God… God is God and no one else – but this attitude allows people to operate in their foolishness whether it be abuse, greediness or whatever.

    Something has to change. Real Love for God and His character must happen.



  17. lol, people never get enough of this kinda stuff. There are whole industries, media companies, and corporations based on basic human conflicts like this. Unfortunately, it won’t end…not anytime soon.

  18. I did not see the interview. I think both of them need to sit their behind down. The church is going Thur enough as it is. Please!!

  19. Forgiven

    I believe there is a litte bit of the truth in each of their stories. Because it appears each has spoken in such a way to make the other look bad. The truth is probably going to be found somewhere in the middle of their stories. I pray that they will be able to look beyond all the media hype and sensationalism of this incident and find there way back to the one and true living God and become all He has called them to be.

  20. Just trying to do right

    It is a sad case no matter who is telling the truth. There will be no true winners in this but the Church will be hurt. Everyone wonders why the world isn’t breaking down the doors of the Church trying to get in. Well when things like this happen why would they you can get this kind of drama in the streets. And I am not by any means judging either of them but my Grandmother always taught me to practice what you preach. You have to be careful how you elevate yourself and get caught up in the lime-light. I am a strong believer that when you get to high God will bring you down. Its really sad that this has happened this is just another way for satan to get the Church off focus. But we all need to be in prayer for both of them and the souls watching this event unfold. I pray that not one soul walks away from God behind this. May God bless us all and heaven smile upon us.

  21. jesse collins

    Weeks is full of bull. He just wants to destroy Juanita. He didn’t have to print or sell that vicious book he is already doing the damage through interviews. I believe that both are stating things that make themselves seem like the innocent party in the marriage. The fact is that they should not have gotten married. God would have given this situation peace from the get go and it seemed that the longer they stayed married, the worst it got. This is because God did not sanction that marriage. I do believe very strongly that Weeks is very jealous of Juanita that’s why he talks about her so badly.

  22. Rosa

    In reality there is someone else who knows the truth. God knows and sees all. When people are doing things to mislead Gods flock then He has to step in and do something about it. These are human beings and they are both in err. So we need to pray and keep our eyes on Christ.

  23. pamela

    This is not a good example to other christians and Christian married couples! People who are in the “lime” light so to speak need to be more careful with what is shared! Regardless of what really happened on either side…. this should have remained a private affair all around… It makes us “christian” look just as bad as “non-believers”. If there is no difference in how we handle things (giving it over to God) then how can we win the non-believer over to Christ…. ! Drama! They are both in the wrong and they both need to repent! How are you going to hold a conference and tell me how to be a “woman” of God or a “man” of God and the both of them and passing blame on each other! It’s ridiculous! and it looks bad!

  24. What is done in the dark comes to the light…that’s what the Bible says. Christians are many times as bad as “non-believers”. Christians make mistakes. Like the song says…”A saint is just a sinner who got up.”

    A lot of things going on in the black church specifically is making Christians look really really bad. This is just one example. Maybe if the church reached out to the lost in a very genuine way, they would know just how bad, negative the actions of some Christians (pimping churches, being hypocritical, etc) looks to those they are charged (by the great commission) to bring the good news to.

  25. Restoration

    The reality is this-we all are subject to err. Yes, this couple is a representation of God, and the entire situation is unfortunate. However, God is the only one that’s perfect. It doesn’t matter who did what. Some times our relationship don’t last. The important thing is that both of them seek the face of God, and seek restoration as his children and then seek God about their individual ministries. I personally have been touched by Juanita’s life, single and married. She is an anointed woman of God. Restoration is available to both of them if they get in God’s presence and lay the burdens on Him. We as the church body need to keep them covered in prayer. Divorced or married, that’s between them and God.

  26. We are quick to quote the scripture “we restle not against flesh but against spiritual wickedness” so why are we as christians not recognizing the division that the enemy is placing before us. Instead of taking sides, we should continue to pray and keep our spiritual eyes on Christ. Mr. and Mrs. Weeks are both as human as we are so let’s look past the man and stay focused on the message for they are both messengers for Christ and He knows who is right or wrong. If we all take the time to look in the mirror, we will see the enemy (IN ME). Let’s continue to PRAY for one another so that the Holy Spirit may continue to lead, guide, and purify us through the the repentance of our own sins, so that we may be vessels used for Christ.

  27. lovegod

    Well, the entire situation has brought many people to the truth that many people are saying one thing and living another. I think this is great because it helps us common Christians realize that we must read and know the bible for ourselves. There is only one V.I.P in the kingdom and that is Jesus Christ. So, I appreciate the learning experience and I will pray for Juanita whom I will never spend a penny at a conference, book or anything she sells. As for Bishop Weeks, I think his ministry will never recover just like hers. Please could you two grow up and act like, put on like or just front like Christians because you are embaressing the body of Christ. No Juanita we don’t want to see you or your husband at some televised court trial with more drama.
    God help both of you

  28. lovechild

    Bishop TD Jakes preached it very well, when preachers exhault themselves, God will bring them down publicly. He went on to say, if anyone finds themselves in this position, now is the time to humble yourselves at the alter before God while all of this is going on. My brothers and sisters this could happen to anyone!

  29. Buena717

    I think that the problem here was very simple. Where in God’s word did he ever say that we should “Teach eachother how to Love us”? Are they God, or is God God? I think this happened to wake them up because the Lord loves them both and all of us too much for them to be leading others way from the gospel’s true message; that He is the great teacher of love, and unifier, and provider of CHANGE- wait until you see what happens if Obama doesn’t stop acting like money from other Americans and his abilities make him great….

  30. B4R eal

    people, people, people. How blind are we really? Aren’t we just a little tired of the monotony of preachers and the foolishness allowed in/out of church? How many first ladies, ministers wives must come forward just to be discredited simply by the occupation or status of her husband? How long will you all support the abuse of women and the deception and inception of wickedness continued to be perpetuated by men in power in the church. Anybody that watched that interview today should see that Mr. Weeks is more than concealing personal issues that he doesn’t want exposed. All of the dramatic imagery and performance during his accounts of what happened should have earned him an emmy today. C’mon people! Now i do agree that both of them are concerned about the exposure of skeletons in their closets that they and only they are privy to b/c of the nature of their relationship however, It is better to voluntarily come clean than to be held in bondage b/c of fear of persecution simply b/c u let the world know that you are human. Why are they both afraid to put to the test the very thing that they contend drives them. Where is their faith in knowing that they will be forgiven and even if they fall from the grace of people, God will continue to extend not only his grace but his mercy along with a second chance. U know, If we do not adhere to the voice of God asking us to voluntarily remove ourselves from something that prohibits our growth in him then he definitely will intercede and allow the unaligned situation to fall into a place that he can realign it. Not my will but thy will be done. Juanita needs to continue to speak out b/c she is not the only one neither is she the “new” face of domestic violence. She just is in a place of high profile and needs to know that on the same day her situation went public, there were still women being abused in private. So what will she do to help them? I pray that she knows that her sacrifice is someone else’s deliverance waiting to happen.

  31. This was one great interview. I pray that they get through this storm and get back together because they made such a great team.

  32. Believer in sa

    “touch ye not my anointed”. The bishop & his wife are human and prone to err, we might feel like we are allowed to say what we want about them because they have made themselves public property, well the bible says different. The anointed are the apple of God’s eye, so stop interfering with what God is doing in their lives it is truly none of your business. All the saints need to do is pray that after this storm, both of them come out better people who will not dare walk away from this experience without the lesson God wants them to learn.
    I choose to stand with both of them in prayer

  33. angel4luv

    I just would like to say that they both need to seek God for direction and stay out of the media. It is like the old (mature) people say, keep folks out your business and you will be alright. They need to stop talking to Essense, BET, and whoever else and let God work on them. I admired both of them, until all this mess came up. I pray to God that both of them would set down and talk like REAL CHRISTIANS… the bible says… If you have an ought with your brother go to THEM… not the MEDIA… If they would start living the bible, maybe there marriage would work and even if it don’t… THAT AIN’T nobody’s business.

  34. Since when does an abuser tell the truth? Since when does any credible blogger listen to a story and not check for FACTS. The initial police reports and witness statements are available online. People who are in the business of filtering through drama in domestic disputes have already filed reports and are working with the state in pursuing charges against the Bishop. What is more disgusting than a man kicking his wife and going through such extremes as going on WEndy Williams to talk about this incident (Juanita did not discuss details of the marriage outside of the what immediately led up to the incident in her public statements) is all the nutjobs who will believe a lying man before bruises and a number of people who all point the finger to him, including the victim. Black folks are more prone to believe a black man is set up, than to deal with the reality that black men do a whole lot of things to black women and black children EVERY DAY that need to be dealt with.

  35. P.S. And, as a Christian, I choose not to be super-deep and no earthly good in simply praying when a mad man kicks his wife repeatedly when threatening to kill her. God placed us in the earth right now, where there is law enforcement, handcuffs, and jail for men who do not honor their wives. We can pray for them while they are behind bars thinking of their foot activities, while we pray and hope that if they repent, and take accountability for their wrong, instead of lying and deflecting the issue to the character flaws of the women they abuse and try to annihilate, they will be restored. I pray that there will be a day in my lifetime when Black folks stop rallying around black men who commit heinous violent acts against their own and villify the women and anyone else in the community who wants them to be held accountable for their actions.


    Be careful about putting your mouth on GOD’s anointing..Neither one of us can send a person to a heaven or hell…..Make sure that you all come to know CHRIST for yourselves…..No one was in that situation and no one has the right to make judgement..Know this, that the truth, indeed!!! always prevails…….And if you have been on this journey with CHRIST for a long time and have exercised your senses into the spiritual realm, you would understand that every anointed person of GOD will go through persecution…….For the enemy is the accuser of the brethen….Anyone who see’s with the eyes of GOD and is in tuned with the heart of GOD, would look beyond the surface of this situation, and look at it with your spiritual eyes…..Be careful about putting your mouth on GOD’s anointed…It wouldn’t be so easy for you to make judgement if you knew the power of GOD…Sometimes we can speak out of ignorance….Be careful, lest GOD give you a reality check and put you on your knees….Quiet yourself and get to know GOD for yourself and work out your own salvation………………Be blessed all of you……….GOD’S WOMAN

  37. I am a woman of God and I think they are both going about it the wrong way. For these things are not of God. Juanita I fall down before God when i listen to your praise and worship cds. do as you said go behind the veil and use proverbs 3-5&6 and stop giving interviews both of you. when both of you let other people now what used to happen in your marrige, your giving way to satan even more. we all fall short sometimes but PLEASE let god do it for both of you and turn a deaf ear to family, friends and the media. GOD IS ALLWAYS THERE. HE ALLWAYS FORGIVES.

  38. I consider myself to be a very strong woman of god regardless of what anyone may say. Both of you are in the public eye as people of god so now something happens it is obvious that the public will lash out at both of you and try to pull down both of you more.juanita I fall on my knees to god when i listen your praise and worship cds and i know you were sincere when you did that cd because i felt it. so please do as you said and go behind the veil where satan can’t reach you, where he has no intrest in you and lay before god for both you and your husband. do proverbs 3-5&6 and just wait for answers and both of you just stop talking to friends, family and the media about what happen in your marrige. PLEASE STOP IT. Both of you need to pray for each other and stop trashing each other because you are still one.Please just lay before god and let people stop putting more problems on both of you because death and life is in the power of the tougue. Amen


    sadly there is no money should i say dollars behind the veil. that is what this is all about money and defending the brand for more dollars. no care for our Christ, His church and His people. these are truly the last days.

    time for us to pray for God to help free people caught up in these celebrity idol worshiping cult people are parading these days as Christianity.

    some people love the money coming from Christ name they dont love playing by Christ rules. help us o Lord from false brethren creeping up on us unawares

  40. phumlas

    God is looking at the heart & fearing God is the first wisdom,so what ever we do or say, let’s ask what is Jesus saying in this matter.

    Lets shame the devil in our decision making.

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