Happy Birthday Martin!!!

Here are great images I’ve found of Brother Martin Luther King Jr. online. Share links post ones you love in the comments. Enjoy!

martin luther king stained glass

martin luther king

martin luther and dexter
Martin and Dexter

martin luther



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20 responses to “Happy Birthday Martin!!!

  1. white people are not allowed to say nigga,or bitch to a black person

  2. Lica

    I have a dream too this is of glory!

  3. The Luther King
    One of the great Figure in American political History ,I want to say he is American Black Pearl ,His effective Speach “I Have a Dream ” Having affective dream of the dominated Black Peoples, I respect to him.He is always Great in the world.

  4. we’ll luv u!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Rudy Rachman

    I am chinese but respectful Martin…
    Sure thats make diffrents
    Coloured shining America…
    Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Oprah, Tiger Wood…..they all American Stars…
    Without “Black” White is nothing!

  6. Valente

    Martin Luther King Jr. was an outstanding advocate for his black American brothers. Next to Malcolm X and many others, they made tremendous strides to positively alter this country we inhabit.

  7. VEE

    If you strive for a positive change and get killed. Than someone other than you was in the wrong. Rest in Peace while we live at ease.

  8. manoj s. sawant

    we indian love martin luther. he came florishing our life.
    gives aims , freedom & community

  9. apathy

    white people don’t realize but without any other race they don’t have any food, structural designs, or knowledge about anything in fact Africans were the first to have university while the white people were still wallowing in their dirt. Africa is a sleeping giant and when it wakes up who knows what’ll happen.


  11. Im white and i live in ireland and in my opinion this man is a hero and the father of black peoples freedom.

  12. mia

    i love yo speech we all have a wright 2 b were we r specally black &white

  13. I have a dream,to dream!!!

  14. We may not live 2 see the dream but striving to make the dream for other generations from all over the globe,kenyans sent obama senior 40yrs ago.to make your dream true,MARTIN!

  15. clement

    the dream comes true

  16. King David Geo

    GREAT! GREAT!! GREAT!!! Martin Luther king Jr. – We love u and will ever do. This day ur dreams have come true,ur children now live not to be judged by the color of their skin,and so u can even in the grave beat ur rotten chest with pride.

  17. i may be bosnian but since the first grade i love Martin Luther King Jr. i’ve been writing storys about him, reading them to public…
    i respect him and i don’t love him just like i love some singers he touched my heart with his words, with his braveness. i love uuuuuuuuuu

  18. mr king u were our insperation without u we would be slaves and half of us dead we all thank you an a happy b day love alwys candies and jacquelynn xoxoxoxoxox


    I love you mlk.jr

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